18 of The Most Romantic Destinations Around the World

Bhutan - romantic destinations 2018


The Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan in South Asia seems more myth than reality. Snow-capped mountains, forest-covered gorges, shingle-roofed stone houses, gushing rivers, cliff- hugging monasteries and meadows decorated with blooms – these are all scenes you’ll find here that just seem too amazing to be real.

Ideal for couples who love going off-the- beaten-path, Bhutan is great for hiking, biking, kayaking and rafting. Easily its most famous sight and a definite bucket-list item for hikers, Paro Takstang (the Tiger’s Nest Monastery) is something to really marvel at. Housing four temples and monks’ accommodations, the almost gravity-defying site is accessible on a six-kilometre round-trip hike – it’s a challenge, but an experience adventure-seekers will most definitely treasure forever.

If its a spiritual journey you’re after, pay a visit to one of the many monasteries and shrines spread across Bhutan, soak in a natural, mineral spring bath or find a peaceful spot to meditate (many hotels here have dedicated meditation spaces). However you choose to spend your time in Bhutan, don’t get back on the plane without trying momos (Tibetan-style dumplings) and the national dish, ema datshi (chillies and cheese). Yum! 

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