18 of The Most Romantic Destinations Around the World

Montenegro - romantic destinations 2018


We’ll say it – Montenegro in southeastern Europe looks straight out of a fairytale. Along its azure coastline, some of Europe’s most wonderful scenery creates the backdrop for ancient walled towns, weatherworn churches and whimsical villages. Here, sunkissed beaches offer a tranquil haven just moments from dense pine forests, while fortresses from a bygone era sit atop craggy cliffs in the distance. Yes, this is one for the romantics.

The beauty of Montenegro is how genuine it feels despite its growing popularity. The people here are brimming with pride to show off their magnificent country and dish out plenty of love to travellers who come to see it. There’s also alot of love to be found in Montenegro’s accommodation choices, which range from charming seaside hideaways to luxurious five-star resorts.

After checking into a sweet boutique hotel in the terracotta-hued city of Budva, take a refreshing dip in the coast’s bright-blue waters and share a bottle of something delicious at one of the many wine bars in town. Or, up the enchantment with a drive in the Zeta-Skadar valley, where steep mountains and island monasteries look out over the winding Lake Skadar. Legend has it the lake was formed by the tears of a pixie. With such captivating scenery, stories like these seem totally believable in Montenegro. 

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