For more than 26 years, Holidays for Couples has enjoyed an authoritative position as the leading travel magazine for romantic getaways.

Over the years, the brand has developed to enjoy active digital and social media audiences. We’d love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook where we share daily travel inspiration and deals!

Holidays for Couples is your one-stop resource for honeymoons, weekends away, romantic getaways, holidays and celebration travel. Our team of travel journalists and publishers who are all active and passionate travellers do all the hard work so that your honeymoon, weekend away, anniversary celebration or romantic getaway is perfect.

In response to the changing times, we have transitioned from print to digital magazines. But fear not, our editorials remain just as great as ever! Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, romantic getaway, holiday, or short break, our up-to-the-minute digital magazines continue to offer the same high-quality travel articles that have made us the leading resource for couples of all ages. You will also discover loads of great articles here online or via our social media channels.

With content being added almost daily to this website, you can visit any time for travel inspiration or to plan the perfect romantic getaway.From exotic island escapes and divine luxury hideaways to gorgeous country cottages, you’ll find a world of romance at your fingertips.

Visit our library for hundreds of great travel articles, or go straight to the Travel Directory under Places to Stay to book beautiful accommodation throughout Australia, Asia, The Pacific Islands and other parts of this beautiful world.

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