Romantic Getaways and Honeymoons in The Americas

When it comes to variety, diversity and plenty of things to see and do on honeymoons or romantic getaways, you can’t go past the Americas.

This region encompasses both North and South America, offering a smorgasbord of different experiences. That’s what makes it so great for couples’ holidays and honeymoons. Whatever your style and whatever you want to do, there’s the perfect destination to make your holiday or honeymoon the trip you’ll remember forever.

Imagine a trip with your loved one stretching out on a romantic Californian beach as the golden rays beat down in this famously sun-drenched state. Head to Rodeo Drive for a bit of shopping, or travel to artsy San Francisco to see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, mired in mysterious fog. California’s certainly the state of a thousand opportunities, and each and every one will just add to the romance of your American honeymoon or getaway.

Or how about a romantic trip to New York to see those bright lights in person? Soar up to the top of the Empire State Building, spend time strolling through Central Park and be sure to share a hot dog or a slice of pizza from a street stall for the classic NY experience.

Then of course there are those natural wonders honeymooners will love, such as the Grand Canyon and the Niagara Falls. There’s nothing more romantic than gazing out over some incredible natural beauty with the one you love – especially at sunrise or sunset!

The options go on and on, with other possibilities including San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Dallas, Seattle and more! Think of the romantic adventures you and your loved one could have. Perhaps you could even drive Route 66 or the Big Sur coastline – the perfect getaway for two!

Scenic Canada is an incredible honeymoon or romantic holiday destination. From British Columbia’s stunning city of Vancouver – where you can ski just 20 minutes from downtown – to snowy Whistler (just a couple of hours from Vancouver), it’s the perfect location for couples to enjoy a winter romance.

The Rocky Mountains offer unrivalled beauty, full of towering snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and skinny pines – it’s like something out of a fairytale, and you and your Prince Charming can enjoy the romantic getaway of your dreams among this snowscape. Nature lovers can continue along to Niagara Falls, which definitely earns its status as one of the world’s most popular tourist destination. Whether you and your lover want to check out the thrilling attractions surrounding the falls, or want to chill out with a tour around nearby wine country, there’s a romantic escape for two just waiting to be discovered.

For couples after a bit of a metropolitan honeymoon or holiday for two, try Toronto. This bustling, vibrant city is famed for its multicultural vibe, lending itself to fantastic attractions and a thriving cultural scene. Montreal and Quebec City, in the heart of French-Canadian country, are other ideal choices – there’s an atmosphere of romance with historical charm, perfect for a romantic honeymoon or couples’ getaway. Whether you want to test your skills on the slopes or ride in a horse-drawn carriage (or even in a dog-sled!), Canada’s a great choice for a romantic holiday for two.

As if that wasn’t enough, South America provides a whole other variety of experiences.

Couples who love to dance the night away will fall in love with Brazil, home to the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro. Gaze up at the Christ the Redeemer statue, spend some time lazing on the golden beaches and enjoy the city’s thriving nightlife. Brazil’s lively culture – and love of all things romance – will have you starry-eyed and ready for romance at every turn.

Adventurous couples just love travelling to Peru for a romantic getaway, where mystical wonders such as the lost city of Machu Picchu await. Head out on a trek to the top of these Mayan Ruins and inspect the fascinating remnants of this civilisation. Plenty more examples of this intriguing culture can be found peppered throughout the country, so keep your eyes peeled. With its incredible views of the Andes and equally stunning coastlines, you’re spoiled for choice. Take a stroll, hand-in-hand, around these beautiful locations and towns brimming with ancient culture, and experience the romance that only Peru can offer.

Then there’s the opportunity to jump on a cruise around the Caribbean. Hop from port to port with your other half, enjoying the swaying palm trees, glistening turquoise waters and an array of cultures at every stop. Cruising is one of the more luxurious modes of travel, making it easy to get from exciting destination to destination with a spot of indulgence, too. You can also count on romance – on a cruise, with everything taken care of, all you need to worry about is wiling away the hours with the one you love most.

Don’t forget about even more unique honeymoon locations, either. For an interesting take on a honeymoon locale, why not try Chile’s Easter Island? This island is steeped in history and is perfect for couples who love a story or two! Here you can find some of the world’s most mysterious statues, which scientists and historians still haven’t quite figured out! Soak in the ethereal atmosphere and create some memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

The variety on offer throughout the Americas is simply unparalleled. Whatever you and your loved one’s preferred romantic getaway style, there’s somewhere you’ll simply fall in love with.

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