Romantic Getaways and Honeymoons in South Pacific Islands

Azure oceans, towering palms trees and romance galore – the Islands of the South Pacific offer all this and a whole lot more to honeymooners and couples looking for romance.

Wing your way to a dreamy island of your choosing in the South Seas. Fiji, New Caledonia, French Polynesia (think Tahiti and Bora Bora), Vanuatu, and the stunning Cook Islands – the names alone are enough to conjure up images of lazy days and languid nights. If you want to discover the less-travelled Pacific Islands, consider Niue or the Solomons for a more adventurous couples’ getaway. 

You might say that the islands in the South Pacific are the best places in the world just to escape and get away from it all – perfect for any couple looking to create romantic memories together!

Not only will you come across a whole range of truly awe-inspiring natural sights, but regardless of where you travel in the South Pacific Islands, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and introduced to a number of warm and fascinating cultures.

There’s also luxury aplenty, with stunning tropical resorts dotted on the many islands floating throughout the region. In fact, some of the world’s most romantic, five-star luxury hotels (many boutique and absolute honeymoon-havens!) are located in the islands of the South Pacific. 

Just imagine it. Spend your honeymoon or romantic getaway lazing in a hammock, fruity cocktail in hand, or enjoying a couples’ escape paddling in the clear tropical waters by day – and savouring fine dining by night. Choose from a well-populated island or a secluded hideaway where you can enjoy a private beach. How about watching the sunset from the shore and then gazing at the stars before you drift off in your breezy island-style ‘bure’ (home) or bungalow?

You can also discover more basic accommodation where the attraction is the location. No matter your preferred style of lodgings, you’re bound to find something you truly love. Adventurous couples can spend the days hiking rainforest or volcanic terrain, or perhaps plunging into the deep with a reef diving expedition where all sorts of marine creatures can be spotted. Don’t forget to explore the caves, waterfalls, lagoons, mountains and more if you’re keen to get active. Snorkelling is always a fun leisurely activity, and you’re sure to come across all sorts of colourful fishy friends. 

While it sounds like the stuff of romance novels or faraway fantasies, all it takes is a trip to the islands of the South Pacific to make it come true for you and your loved one. You will see why romance goes hand in hand with the South Pacific, and understand immediately why so many couples flock to this beautiful location.

Don’t forget to enjoy a slice of local life by visiting one of the many markets on offer, whether in a nation’s bustling capital city or at a small remote village. Here you can sink your teeth into some local produce and find some fun trinkets to bring home. Prepare to be blown away by the talent of local artists and craftspeople whose wares will be on show and for sale, too! Try a local feast cooked underground by the heat of the Earth, and, of course, a holiday in the South Pacific is a great opportunity to fill up on seafood. 

Then there are the luxurious spa treatments on offer everywhere throughout – from Tahiti to Vanuatu, you’ll discover all sorts of incredible spas where couples can indulge in truly romantic spa treatments together. Honeymoon or couples’ spa packages abound, so you’re sure to receive some extra special treatment – just what you need on a romantic holiday! 

Live the dream and travel to the South Pacific Islands with your loved one for a couples’ getaway or romantic honeymoon you will never forget. You’ve got a smorgasbord of delightful nations and holiday options at your fingertips sure to create a wonderfully memorable experience.

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