Romantic Getaways and Honeymoons in Niue

Discover the perfect island Pacific island paradise of Niue.

If you are a couple who appreciate nature in its finest form, who get a thrill from swimming with dolphins and whales as they frolic in the ocean, enjoy diving and caving (as one of the world’s largest coral atolls you’ll find a series of reefs, canyons,chasms and caverns above and below the water), get a buzz from fresh air and pristine surrounds, then you’ll feel like you’ve found your nirvana in Niue.

A honeymoon or romantic getaway here will give you a chance to not only reconnect with nature but to also reconnect with yourselves, both on an individual level and as a couple. Although there are less than 100 hotel rooms in Niue you won’t have to sacrifice comfort – take the Matavi Resort, where you can sit on cliff-top decks and watch spinner dolphins in the ocean, or if you visit in the right season, the Humpback whales might pass right past the resort. Or book a local guesthouse and get to know the people of this little paradise, their customs and ways. There are apartments and motels, too.

So, with Niue not overrun with big hotels, you could say that those that are lucky enough to visit really are privileged to be able to escape the modern world, even if it is only for a week or two.

Why you’ll love it

You’ll feel as though you’ve left the stress of modern-day life behind. Who knows what insights, revelations and connection with each other a couple has after a week or two in a place of such peace and beauty? Best suits the couple who Love nature. There are no traffic lights, serious crime, queues, nightclubs, shopping malls, glitzy five-star hotels. But what there is in Niue is priceless

for those who want a bit of an eco-twist to their romantic getaways.

Top romantic things to do

Swimming with dolphins,whales and the one you love would surely go down as one of the most romantic things you’ve ever done and you can do it in Niue, one of the few places in the world that offers close-up encounters , just minutes from the shoreline.


Couples have a choice of priest or celebrant on Niue. You will need to register a Notice of Intention to Marry form, provide passports and divorce papers if applicable, and purchase a marriage licence. If you have not been married before you will need a letter signed by a Justice of the Peace saying you have not been married before.

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