Romantic Getaways and Honeymoons in China

China is one of those destinations that truly has it all for couples on their romantic getaway or honeymoon.

Pairs of loved-up travellers flock to the nation for honeymoons, couples’ getaways, adventure holidays and much more, thanks to the country’s variety and great hospitality. 

Why you’ll love a China holiday or honeymoon

Want a romantic getaway or honeymoon full of luxury and pampering? Head to Shanghai and stroll the city’s sophisticated streets hand-in-hand. There’s nothing like a romantic wander down the Bund, a waterfront promenade that gives fantastic views of the old and the new sides of Shanghai. On one side of the waterway are the skyscrapers and glittering lights, while the other side is lined with architecturally classic buildings from the British colonial era. 

Whatever kind of holiday you and your loved one desire, a visit to the Great Wall of China just outside of Beijing is a must-do. There are various sections of the wall to wander, and some parts offer exciting activities such as tobogganing down to the bottom! While Beijing is a bustling city bursting to the brim with people and activities, the Great Wall of China offers a beautiful (and romantic!) respite amongst nature. While you’re in town, check out landmarks such as Tiananmen Square or the Forbidden City.

If you’re interested in a dose of culture head to Xi’an, where you can gaze upon the wondrous Terracotta Army, a huge collection of 8,000 life-size warriors discovered in 1974, but dating back to 2,200 years ago. 

Then there are the islands of Macau and Hong Kong, the two special administrative regions of China.

Macau is known for its sophistication, romance and luxury, with fantastic attractions including Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, which is a theme park, dining, shopping, accommodation and entertainment precinct all in one! Then there’s the Macau Tower with its breathtaking views, glamorous casinos and cultural attractions. Macau is definitely the perfect playground for a honeymoon or romantic couples’ getaway!

Hong Kong is another oasis for honeymooners and couples on a romantic getaway, thanks to its intoxicating mix of things to do. Travel to The Peak, which is the highest point of Hong Kong island offering stunning views of the cityscape. Take the tram up and enjoy the multitude of viewing vantage points, then take a leisurely romantic stroll with your sweetheart along the Peak Circle Walk. There’s dining and entertainment at the top to complement those views, too. Have a romantic feast just for two – bliss!

At the 1915 Clock Tower at the Star Ferry pier, Kowloon Point, there’s also plenty of romance in the air. The elegant, colonial structure is beautifully lit and a great place for a romantic stroll. Contrast that with a dose of organised chaos at the Ladies’ Market, a vibrant mishmash of stalls selling trinkets and treasures of all kinds. Banter and haggle away with your loved one by your side for a couples’ getaway to remember and pick up a few bargains.

All this and more awaits you on a romantic getaway or honeymoon to China – so why don’t you and your other half take the plunge?

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