Romantic Getaways and Honeymoons in Tahiti

Tahiti for a honeymoon
Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Have you ever dreamed of a honeymoon or romantic holiday in a luxury overwater bungalow, looking out over crystal clear ocean and an endless horizon? How about vast fields of green and jagged dramatic cliffs falling into the turquoise sea?

Your dreams can come true with a romantic couples’ holiday or honeymoon to the tropical nation of French Polynesia (Tahiti and Bora Bora are possibly the more common references, but are actual destinations within French Polynesia), home to all of this and more.

Enjoy a romantic getaway in Tahiti

Head to one of the world’s ultimate island destinations for lovers – Bora Bora – and discover those dreamy overwater bungalows. Enjoy waking up each morning beneath the quaint thatched roof of your private, luxury romance villa, with glittering turquoise water right beneath you. Dive straight from your swim platform into the crystal clear waters. Watch the marine creatures dart around the water from your terrace, and gaze out in awe at the island’s stunning green forests, peaks and valleys, perfectly contrasted by long stretches of golden sand beaches. Sounds like honeymoon heaven, and it is!

But Bora Bora isn’t the only floating islet for you and your sweetheart to enjoy! On the island of Tahiti itself, you and your loved one can experience the vibrancy of local life in capital city Papeete. Full of resorts, restaurants, markets, high-end boutiques and luxurious spa facilities you can truly indulge all your senses if you spend part of your honeymoon or romantic getaway here, before venturing to one of French Polynesia’s other islands.

Tahiti’s spa culture is something else. With open-air facilities nestled amongst tropical gardens and beaches with gorgeous lagoon views, you’ll never want to leave. Local ingredients are a staple – expect rich tropical oils, flowers and plants such as banana leaves and plenty of vanilla. Whether you opt for a couples’ massage or a coconut body scrub, you are in for a heavenly treat. It’s also a great introduction into the nation’s warm culture and traditions that are sure to enchant you. Who couldn’t love the concept of laid-back ‘island time’ where the pace of life is a whole lot slower and more enjoyable? 

Then there’s the verdant island of Moorea, another gem for couples on honeymoon or romantic holiday. It’s often referred to as ‘The Magical Island’ which is no wonder, thanks to its beautiful cloak of emerald forest. Splash around in the lagoon that surrounds the island, or head further inland to explore towering mountain peaks and plunge into refreshing pools at the bottom of cascading waterfalls. With plenty of friendly locals around, you can enjoy island hospitality and get a taste of authentic village life. 

Honeymooners and couples enjoying a romantic getaway in French Polynesia who are eager to head even further afield will enjoy the vast array of variety offered by the outer islands. Tahiti and her islands are home to a treasure trove of rare sights, such as Tikehau, also known as Pink Sand Island. Long stretches of pink and white sand curve stand out against the sapphire ocean. Snorkelling is a must here, with schools of thousands of friendly fish awaiting your visit. 

However you spend your honeymoon or romantic holiday in Tahiti and her islands, it’s sure to be an absolute dream, with memories you’re bound to cherish for a lifetime.

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