Sample the many delights of La Dolce Vita with a trip of a lifetime in beautiful, timeless, always romantic Italy! From that world-renowned cuisine to treasures of art and historical landmarks – including some of the world’s greatest galleries housing masterpieces and the breathtaking cathedrals, churches and Roman sites to explore – to cities that have, quite literally, helped define the very essence of romance.

Destination for Romantic Holidays

And it’s a destination that has all the right ingredients for a perfect romantic holiday or honeymoon. Stand on Juliet’s balcony and call to your Romeo in Verona, where you can also attend the opera in the 2000 year old open-air Roman Arena. Relax in the picturesque seaside villages of Positano on the Italian Riviera or head to the countryside to feast on pasta and chianti amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany. Take a gondola ride past grand palazzos on a Venetian canal or stand in awe before Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest creations in Florence. Wander the streets, piazzas and relics like the Colosseum in ancient Rome, or shop like a fashionista in Milan. Soak up the luxury of a waterside villa on Lake Como, or live the high life with spectacular sea views, sailing and seafood on the Amalfi Coast or amongst the pastel coloured homes and fishing villages of Positano. Savour the island life and beaches of Capri, or sample Pizza Margherita as it is meant to be served in its birthplace of Naples. Wander the streets of the medieval town of Perugia in Umbria, or head to the hill towns of Assisi to find a secluded sanctuary with scenic views. We could keep going … Italy is a truly breathtaking and memorable destination that offers couples a richly layered selection of experiences, and the finest of indulgences.

Why You’ll Love an Italian Holiday or Honeymoon:

Italy is synonymous with romance. Throughout the ages it has been the birthplace and source of endless inspiration for poets, writers, artists and lovers, which is perhaps why romantics of all ages today still place it high on their travel wish list. Whether you fall in love with the food and wine, the shopping, the art, the history, the stories or the people, chances are you’ll return from Italy completed enchanted.

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