Planning The Perfect Honeymoon in Italy: A Comprehensive Guide

Couple in Italy

Of all the romantic honeymoon destinations in the world, there is nothing quite like Italy. From Venice’s famed canals to the sun-drenched Amalfi Coast, couples can’t resist its stunning scenery, awe-inspiring architecture, and food, glorious food! Italy is the ultimate destination for a dreamy honeymoon and this guide will help you plan the perfect Italian honeymoon or holiday with the one you love.

If you choose to honeymoon in Italy, you’ll also be seduced by la dolce vita (the sweet life): a phrase that encapsulates Italian’s love of beauty and pleasure.

When it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination in Italy, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Despite its small size compared to other countries, Italy offers a plethora of romantic experiences. In Italy, there is no shortage of romance swirling all around you with food, culture, wine, and historical sites. The only difficult thing will be choosing which parts of this spectacular European country in which to rendezvous.

You’ve got Rome, Florence, Positano, and countless other picturesque romantic spots for your Italy honeymoon. So, read on to find out more on why you and your love need to pack your bags for Italy, wave goodbye to your wedding guests, and tuck right into this incredible honeymoon destination!

Is Italy good for a honeymoon?

Rome, Italy

Italy is one of those countries that offers the absolute perfect setting for a honeymoon. The picture-perfect surroundings of this boot-shaped escape are only matched by its incredible history and indulgent cuisine (we’re talking the best pizza, pasta, seafood, and gelato you’ll ever eat!).

There are tons of activities for every kind of couple too. Tap into your adventurous side and hike the Alps or relax while sipping some of the best wines from the best vineyards. Gaze into each other’s eyes while a gondolier whisks you through the canals of Venice or explore the iconic sites of Rome hand-in-hand. For these moments and countless more, Italy is one of the best honeymoon destinations on the planet.

Where to go on your honeymoon in Italy

Tuscany Italy

As mentioned, the hardest part of choosing Italy for a honeymoon is deciding exactly where to go. To help you both decide, you’ll want to think about what kind of honeymoon you’d like to have.

If you want to ski, Madesimo is the place. Or perhaps you’d love the stunning scenery of Sicily or the Amalfi Coast. You may want to hop through all the big cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, or mix it up by stopping in the countryside to visit the villages with their precious cobble-stoned streets.

Wondering if Italy will make a great beach getaway? Pack your swimsuits because you’ll find some of the best beaches in Puglia, Calabria, and Sardinia!

Since Italy has so many special spots that would make perfect honeymoon destinations, we’ve hand-picked a few to highlight.

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Rome (the capital of Italy)


Let’s start with the romantic getaway city that has long seduced couples and honeymooners: Rome. Located in the centre of the Italian peninsula, just inland from the Tyrrhenian Sea, this iconic capital is packed with holiday highlights. You don’t need to stay in Rome for your entire Italian honeymoon — but plan on 3 to 5 days to see icons including the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain.

What makes Rome so romantic as a honeymoon destination? It’s the richness of the history and culture and the sheer beauty of the city. Zip around town on a Vespa, cruise the Tiber River, or just explore with a fresh gelato in hand and discover new delights around every corner. You could also sign up for a cooking class to bring a little taste of Rome back home. Our tip? See the classic 1953 Audrey Hepburn movie Roman Holiday before you go.

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Florence is a romantic favourite for couples looking to honeymoon in Italy. By train, Florence is just 1.5 hours north of Rome, so you can easily dedicate 2-3 days to this fabulous city.

This is the place for couples who love art as Florence was the capital of the Renaissance. It’s a highly walkable Italian city too, allowing you to stroll off all that gelato you’ll no doubt want to sample, since this is the birthplace of the beloved Italian dessert.

If you’re heading to the picturesque rural region of Tuscany, where you can experience the incredible Saturnia Hot Springs, the city of Florence makes an excellent starting point for a roam through the wine-making regions to taste Chianti and discover gourmet delights.



In north-eastern Italy, the canals of Venice really do look straight out of a novel or film. Leave yourselves 2-3 days to take in an epic gondola ride and appreciate the unique architecture of this floating city. Although Venice is a popular tourist hub, you’ll still find a quiet corner to sit by the waterfront and share Italian pastries together.


If you’d like something incredibly romantic but want to skip the Venice crowds, Verona may be the perfect fit. You may be wondering why the name is so familiar … simply think, Shakespeare! It has always been known as the city of Romeo and Juliet, meaning it’s a magnet for couples on Valentine’s Day!

Aside from the places you can tour that may (or may not) be a part of the real story of Romeo and Juliet, the medieval architecture of this beautiful and affordable town is perfect for couples on a romantic getaway.


Milan Skyline

While Italy’s stylish northern hub of Milan doesn’t always top Italian honeymoon lists, many couples will adore its modern, fashion-focused vibe. Don’t miss the incredible Duomo di Milano (its spires are particularly stunning at sunset) and the chance to update your honeymoon wardrobe in the gorgeous Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele II. Bonus: Milan is one of the best hubs for trains in the country, making it easy to drop in, shop around, and breeze through the countryside to your next stop.

Lake Como

Lake Como

Channel George and Amal as you unplug from the world and enjoy the tiny lakeside towns and magnificent mountain views of Lake Como. Located north of Milan, this region is home to some of Italy’s most exclusive villas and resorts. Yet another cinematic moment to enjoy on your Italy honeymoon!

Cinque Terre

Part of the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre is set within the beautiful Liguria region and comprises five villages strung together by hiking trails (you can also explore by train or ferry). This hilly coastal destination delivers views of the Tyrrhenian Sea that will leave you gobsmacked! Look to the romantic village of Riomaggiore for colourful Ligurian-style guesthouses, pebble beach, and dazzling sunset views.

The Alps

Beautiful lake in the italian alps, Lago di Braies
Beautiful lake in the italian alps, Lago di Braies

For a romantic mountain retreat, take your love by the hand and head to the Alps. Found across the northern-most part of Italy (bordering France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia), this is a nature-lovers’ paradise. The crystal-clear lakes reflect the snow-capped mountain peaks, a splendid view to enjoy while you sip Alpine wines and nibble delightful artisanal cheeses. Winter is perfect for ski bunnies while spring invites you to hike through the fragrant blossoming fields.


Amalfi Coast

Positana View

Along Italy’s jaw-dropping Amalfi Coast in the south-west of the country, you will not want to miss the clifftop towns of Positano and Ravello as part of a truly romantic honeymoon. The winding roads, sun-soaked scenery, and Mediterranean Sea vistas will make you both feel like you’ve fallen into a gorgeous work of art. And this holiday playground is also home to some of the most delicious seafood you’ll find anywhere in Italy.

A perfect honeymoon in Positano: our experience

And while you’re in the area, be sure to stop in Naples and try pizza as it was meant to be enjoyed. Even better, learn how to make it yourselves so you can share the secret with friends and family back home.

Incidentally, the islands of Ischia and Capri are nearby, making it easy to combine the destinations. The spine-tingling UNESCO World Heritage site of Pompeii is another must-see in this area, offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance to climb the region’s infamous active volcano: Mount Vesuvius.

Italian Islands

Ischia, Italy
Ischia, Italy

While Italy’s mainland is something you don’t want to miss, don’t stay land-locked the entire time. Italy has some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Some of the best islands are Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, and Ischia, perfect for a summer honeymoon.

Capri is often called the jewel of the Mediterranean, a holiday playground for the rich and famous that resides just off Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Or, for a more traditional slice of Italy, see Sicily, located just off the ‘toe’ of Italy. The quaint villages will take you back in time, giving you an authentic feel for the country.

If swimming and sunbathing is your idea of holiday heaven, Sardinia is the place to be. Get ready to have some of the most delicious seafood dishes of your life on this Italian island.

But if it’s something off the beaten path that you’d prefer, make your way to Ischia. Within the Bay of Naples in southern Italy, it’s often overlooked for Capri as a destination. However, you can use that to your advantage and feel like you’ve got this heavenly slice of the world all to yourselves on your Italy honeymoon.

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Romantic things to see & do on your Italy honeymoon

rooftop bars
Franco’s Bar, Italy

Because there are just so many things to see and do in Italy, we’re going to highlight some of the best romantic ideas.


Every region of Italy enjoys its own special cuisine, produce and even wines. From refined five-star dinners to rustic country feasts and cosy evenings in the local enoteca (wine shop/bar), the gourmet indulgences will likely make you want to stay forever!


Since Italy has 7,600 km of coastline, you’re bound to find your ultimate beach getaway, with plenty of boating and water sports on offer too.


Whether it’s food, architecture, art, hiking, cruising or rail adventures, a tour will give you a deeper insight into your Italian passion.

Boat rides

Aside from the gondolas in Venice, there are many other ways to enjoy a boat ride on an Italy honeymoon. To see more of Italy, find one that takes you along the coast and to the islands. You’ll be able to cover more ground, plus from the water, everything is just that much more romantic.

Best time to honeymoon in Italy for good weather

The Mediterranean climate makes for beautiful weather in Italy. As such, this romantic getaway is ideal for couples year-round. Still, if you’re on a tight budget, choose winter (when you can shop for souvenirs in the gorgeous European Christmas markets!).

Between April and May is also a good time to visit if you’d prefer warmer weather but don’t want the summer crowds. Of course, if you’re heart-set on an Italy honeymoon in summer, go for it! Just be prepared for more crowds and higher prices.

How to travel around Italy

Vespa Italy

While Rome is home to Italy’s main international airport, several other cities also have international and domestic airports. The larger cities are well connected with trains, taxis and buses and many are perfect for walking. The best (and most romantic) way to travel through Italy for couples is by train, giving you quality time together while watching the gorgeous countryside fly by.

Good to know

Even though most Italians learn English at school, many don’t speak much English — so it’s handy to know at least a few Italian words or phrases. Still, the locals are friendly and welcoming so you’ll feel right at home on your Italy honeymoon.

Italy uses the euro as its currency. You can use credit cards and ATMs in most places too, though having euros on hand will help when buying metro tickets and snacks.

Italy is a fairly safe place, but, as with many tourist hubs, there are pickpockets. Always be smart with your belongings.

Visa requirements

If you are a visitor from Australia or New Zealand and hold a valid passport, you can enter Italy for tourism purposes without a visa for up to 90 days. For any inquiries regarding other types of visas, please reach out to the Visa Office at the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your city.

Couples will love

Because of the beauty of Italy, this amazing peninsula and its surrounding islands offer so many honeymoon destination options. You can mix and match for adventure and romance, wine and dine your way from north to south, or simply make it all about the beach. Wherever you choose, you’ll love the fairytale settings around every corner. That’s amore!

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