5 Great Things To Do On Your Honeymoon in Tahiti

Tahiti lagoon with hut

Simply chilling out and enjoying the perfect scenery is what Tahiti is best known for. However, if you want to explore a bit and get more out of your honeymoon destination, then try these 5 great things to do in Tahiti.

1. Cruise on a catamaran with or without a skipper

Catamaran Tahiti

Rent a fully provisioned boat – those who are not up to actually sailing the vessel on their own have the option of ‘renting’ a skipper and even a cook.

2. Experience a mountain safari by 4-wheel drive

Tahiti - Papenoo valley

Cross Tahiti in a 4WD via the Papenoo valley, rich in archaeological sites and spectacular views of impressive waterfalls.

3. Try horse riding

Trot along a mountain trail or gallop in the sandy shallows of the lagoon shore on a Marquesan pony, the gentlest horse breed in the world, renowned for their calm temperament.

4. Kayak in the lagoon

Couple Kayaking in Tahiti
Tahiti’s famous azure waters and romantic thatched villas

Kayaking is one of the most tranquil ways to go exploring. Hover above coral teeming with colourful schools of fish – who needs a snorkel! What better way to explore than a seated on a sea-kayak as the warm waters of the lagoon caress you.

5. Ride in an outrigger canoe

Outrigger Canoe Tahiti

Paddling outrigger canoes is Tahiti’s national sport. The Polynesian style canoe has been in existence for more than 1,000 years. It is said that the great Polynesian migration was made in giant canoes, Take the opportunity to try it yourself and you will begin to understand what remarkable navigators the Polynesian people are. 

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