Brazil: A honeymoon hotspot

It’s no surprise the alluring nation of Brazil is becoming increasingly popular for honeymoons.

With its hot climate, vibrant culture and abundance of beaches, it’s the perfect environment for a pair of loved-up newlyweds.

Here are some reasons why you might want to head to sensuous Brazil for your honeymoon.

Rio de Janeiro

There’s something about Rio – with the combination of its beautiful coastline, party atmosphere and history making it irresistible.

Spend your days lounging on Copacabana beach with the locals, and your nights dancing the Samba at one of the city’s many clubbing hotspots.

If you prefer, you can spend relaxing nights at the sophisticated bars of luxury resorts – Rio offers it all.

During the day, explore beachside markets and revel in the live entertainment including buskers, musicians, artists and more. Try out some of the street food – the local seafood options are particularly mouth-watering.

However tempting Rio’s beaches are, set aside at least a little time to explore the city. The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue sitting atop the Corcovado Mountain and watching over Rio is a must-see. In addition, be sure to take a journey up Sugarloaf Mountain, which provides the best views of the cityscape.

Exquisite beaches

Rio de Janeiro is packed with beautiful beaches, but there are even more stunning, dramatic shores to be found outside of the city.

These offer great escapes for couples on a honeymoon, as they are often a lot quieter, more private and all the more luxurious.

Take Fernando de Noronha, for instance. This is an island off Brazil’s coast, making it an ideal couples’ hideaway! It offers up 21 attractive beaches with tall palm trees, picturesque rock pools and inviting warm water.

Sancho Bay, located on this island, often tops the list of best beaches in Brazil. It’s surrounded by lush green jungle and features some of the clearest waters you’ll ever see, making it the perfect place to while away a romantic afternoon. 

Jericoacoara is another standout beach located in the northeast of the country. It has only recently become a popular travel destination, so the area retains much of its natural and cultural authenticity. A lack of infrastructure means you should prepare for a bumpy drive to get there, and take plenty of cash because there are no bank machines!

Once at Jericoacoara there are many things to see and do. Head to the buried village of Tatajuba, once a thriving settlement that now lies under a heavy layer of sand. The dunes here are big, so consider riding down them on a board if you’re game.

The nearby Blue Lagoon is a great place for all the water-based activities you can dream of, whether it’s swimming, sailing, kayaking or kite surfing.

Then there’s the Paradise Lagoon. Local restaurants surround this huge freshwater lake, each with its own private beach area for punters to enjoy. Give windsurfing or sailing a go or simply spend your day relaxing on the soft sand.

The Amazon

No journey to Brazil is complete without a visit to the Amazon rainforest. Embark on a romantic river cruise through the verdant jungle for a serene experience like no other. Here you will be surrounded by one of the world’s most beautiful ecosystems.

There are luxury tour operators offering the most sumptuous of cruises, so you can rest assured the experience will be as dreamy as possible. Beautiful decor, dining and top-notch service are all part of the Amazonian package.

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