48 hours in the Blue Mountains

Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains National Park is a great place for a weekend getaway and it’s only an hour or so’s drive from Sydney – so it’s perfectly placed for your convenience. 

To get you inspired for your retreat into the mountains, here’s what you can do with 48 hours in this magical part of Australia.

Friday night

It’s high time to settle into your luxury accommodation! From resort-style lodgings to farm stays, cottages and B&Bs, there’s somewhere for everybody. Snuggle up in a remote forest hideaway, stay near the cluster of restaurants and shops in the lower Blue Mountains village, or get comfortable at one of the other town settlements – it’s up to you! 

Take a leisurely evening stroll and gaze upon the gorgeous forest scenery, before dining at your accommodation or a sumptuous eatery nearby. Don’t forget a glass of wine!

Saturday morning

Now’s the time to explore the best of the Blue Mountains’ scenery. Head to the region’s most iconic landmark and natural feature, the Three Sisters. This rock formation comprises of three pillars that are interpreted as three sisters who, according to Aboriginal legend, were turned to stone. At 922, 918 and 906 metres tall each, they’re a phenomenal sight. 

Hop in your car or jump on a tour to Echo Point in Katoomba where the lookout will give you fantastic views, not only of the Three Sisters but also the surrounding valley and other spectacular features. Spend a while taking some snaps and learning about local legends. Make sure you bring a packed lunch – this is a wonderful spot for a picnic!

Saturday afternoon

Explore more of the region by embarking on a hike. Make the exciting descent down the Giant Stairway from the Echo Point lookout, which will transport you from the beautiful birds’-eye views of the Three Sisters down deep into the valley. Prepare to traverse down over 800 steps to get there – but the view of the Three Sisters from the bottom is worth it. Once you’ve reached the valley floor, take a wander along Federal Pass to gaze upon the ethereal Katoomba Falls. 

The best part? You can ride a historic Scenic Railway right back up to the top again! It’s incredibly steep so you may have to steel your nerves, but you – and your tired legs – will be glad you tried it. 

There are plenty of other bush walks you may like to try, too. The Minnehaha Falls hike or Boars Head Rock and Cahills Lookout walk are some of your options and there are even multi-day options to consider.

Saturday night

Rest your weary legs with a delicious dinner. One option is the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba, which was built in 1882 and is a heritage property. Head to the Grand Dining Room for an indulgent a la carte feast – be sure to make a reservation! 

Sunday morning

Enjoy some pampering after yesterday’s strenuous activities with a visit to the Day Spaat Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa. Try out a spa ritual, facial, relaxing massage, body treatment or one of the other sumptuous options on offer, and unwind in the beautiful surrounds. You’ll be so enchanted you won’t want to leave!

Sunday afternoon

Before you make the journey home, stop off at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. This is home to over 40,000 plant species and is the perfect destination for a dreamy stroll with your loved one. There are various themed gardens often home to some of Australia’s best-loved wildlife such as an array of marsupials, so keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy a meal at the Tomah Gardens Restaurant on site, which offers stunning views in every direction.

Finally, enjoy stealing glances at vistas drenched in the colours of the sunset on your drive home to Sydney or beyond.

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