Romantic Getaways and Honeymoons in Solomon Islands

Looking for an off-the-grid island paradise (without the long haul)? Well pack your sense of adventure and set course for the vividly beautiful, blissfully underdeveloped Solomon Islands.

Virtually untouched by mass tourism, this warmly welcoming getaway carries a castaway vibe that makes for a true escape. You won’t believe you’re just three hours from Australia’s east coast (Brisbane to the capital Honiara) as you sink your toes in the sand. Hello, castaway romance!

The country’s 900+ islands (including Tavanipupu Private Island Resort where the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge honeymooned in 2012) are arranged in a gently curving archipelago, just off the east coast of Papua New Guinea. 

A haven of pristine lagoons and lush mountainous interiors — and home to a proud and thriving traditional culture — the Solomon Islands is all about dialling down, chilling out, and reconnecting. 

Swap resort chains for charming beach bungalows, crowded tourist strips for literally thousands of deserted beaches, and exhaustive itineraries for poolside cocktails and the leisurely pace of island life.

From the bustling local markets of Honiara on the island of Guadalcanal, you can dive straight into your island-hopping adventure.  

Chase the perfect wave off Ghizo Island, meet the fascinating locals of the Langa Langa Lagoon, watch frolicking dolphins at Savo Island or skim over impossibly blue waters in a wooden canoe.

History buffs will also find their groove, exploring the WWII relics east of Honiara or snorkelling around Kennedy Island where JFK (John F. Kennedy) was stranded during WWII.

You can venture waaaay off the beaten track here but one must-see is the world’s largest saltwater lagoon: Marovo Lagoon east of New Georgia island.

Described as the “eighth Wonder of the World” in James A. Michener’s classic Tales of the South Pacific, Marovo is unique. Explore 100 kilometres of tiny coral-braceleted isles and kaleidoscopic marine life with a kayaking expedition or lagoon tour.

The best way to round out a perfect day of adventure (or extreme relaxation) in the Solomon Islands is with a sunset feast of succulent local seafood, exotic fruits and locally brewed Solbrew lager. If it’s good enough for Kate & Wills …

Ideal for eco adventurers and camera-shy couples, the Solomon Islands is unhurried, unpretentious and unbelievably beautiful.

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