18 romantic destinations for 2018

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Marrakech - romantic destinations 2018
Marrakech – sourced via Fotolia

Marrakech, Morocco

It has to be said – don’t come to Marrakech for a little peace and quiet. You might find occasional moments of it here and there, but visiting this bustling Moroccan city is more about (over)indulging each and every one of the senses. From its kaleidoscope mosaics to its labyrinth-like souqs filled with brightly- coloured treasures, Marrakech is for those wanting to be immersed in culture.

Ease yourselves in by sipping mint tea at a roadside café and wandering through the city, stopping at whatever catches your eye (oh, there will be many things). Make sure you do stop at the opulent Saadian Tombs near the Kasbah Mosque, made from an extravagant amount of imported Italian Carrara marble and adorned with pure gold (so lavish!). A lot of money went into building the tomb, so it would be simply rude not to visit while you’re here.

At some point, you’ll inevitably find yourselves at the medina’s souqs (the traditional Moroccan version of a shopping mall). Weave your way through its markets, pick up something to take home and enjoy some no-fuss street food for lunch, flavoured with some of the world’s best spices. 

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