18 of The Most Romantic Destinations Around the World

Oahu - romantic destinations 2018

Oahu, Hawaii

A clear winner for honeymoons and island escapes for generations, Hawaii’s Oahu has become one of the coolest destinations to visit once again. It’s easy to see why. An easygoing lifestyle, cheerful locals, unbelievable natural wonders and tempting delicacies (think fresh poke, not spam), makes this destination one to discover over and over again.

Oahu’s palm-fringed beaches are an obvious must-visit but don’t miss out on everything else the island has to offer as well. In its heartland, deep valleys give way to the occasional pineapple plantation and mammoth mountains reveal secluded beaches. You’re more likely to see a sea turtle here than another person. Fill your days with trips like these and top off your stay with a helicopter flight around Oahu’s Diamond Head volcanic crater for the ultimate Oahu experience. 

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Shanghai - romantic destinations 2018

Shanghai, China

You’d be forgiven for thinking China’s Shanghai was all about super-futuristic skyscrapers, robot bartenders, fast cars and flashy high-end stores. You will find plenty of this, but beneath it all there’s also sophistication and old-world charm to uncover.

Mix old and new by staying at an elegant hotel by the Bund river and exploring Shanghai’s Old Town which is nearby. The original core of the city said to pre-date the 1850s, the district is home to colonial architecture, enticing culinary wonders, teahouses, temples and the blossom-filled Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar. 

You really can’t come to Shanghai without experiencing a little of its famed cosmopolitan lifestyle; so hop aboard a river cruise at twilight or order yourselves something to drink at a rooftop bar and watch the city’s iconic skyline sparkle after the sun sets. 

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