Romance in the south: Savannah, Georgia

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The USA is high on the travel bucket list for many couples, and for good reason. There is so much to do and see in America, and many couples choose to combine a few destinations, creating their own personal epic USA holiday or honeymoon, to be savoured over several weeks. You can easily get from one side of The States to the other with affordable internal airfares, or make part of your romantic getaway the classic American Road trip … what an amazing couples holiday, driving some of the classic routes such as Highway 101 or Route 66! 

With the Aussie dollar still strong, and regular flights  or connecting flights from any capital city, there are some compelling reasons to visit the USA sooner rather than later.

While you may have read lots about New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami, why not consider a part of America that less Australians travel to? A part that is so very different to the more famous cities and regions. The southern states of the USA have a charm all of their own, and are a fabulous complement to any big-city USA honeymoon or romantic getaway, showing a unique side to The States that you would otherwise not see. Often with an incomparable level of warmth and hospitality, you’ll likely feel at home as soon as you make a trip down country. 

One incredibly romantic part of The States is Savannah, Georgia. You might not know a lot about this treasure, but we have a feeling you and your loved one will soon be hankering to make a trip.  Here are some of the features of this lovely city and just why it’s a great place for honeymoonsand other holidays for couples – regardless of your age or reason for a romantic getaway!

Image: Georgia Department of Economic Development

All about Savannah

Savannah is a real Southern Belle. Established in the 1700s, Savannah’s long history is full of romance and nostalgia, retaining its historic feel for couples to see. Classic architecture can be spied no matter where you look, and historic buildings loom over the streets. This gorgeous locale was once a port city, and has long been one of the South’s most important economic centres. 

This city isn’t like your usual urban jungle – natural areas are incredibly important to the people of Savannah, so you and your sweetheart will be able to relax in one of the many park squares peppered throughout the city. Curl up on the grass and gaze at the towering oak trees, Spanish moss and perfectly manicured gardens… there’s no doubt about it, this city is a stunning place to spend a day (or a few!).

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While Savannah is elegant and graceful, she also knows how to let her hair down. Whether it’s heading to the local bar to listen to sultry jazz music or enjoying some greasy fried chicken, you and your lover can have a great party during your honeymoon or romantic getaway! 

Here are some of the sights and experiences you might want to check off your list when you head to Savannah.

Image: Georgia Department of Economic Development

Stroll through Forsyth Park

Couples really can’t go wrong visiting any of Savannah’s parks! For a romantic day out, though, swing by Forsyth Park. This lush, verdant space is a veritable natural playground, and you could spend days enjoying it.

Check out the Confederate Memorial Statue – towering over the vibrant green grass, this is where soldiers met before marching off to fight in the war. You can also check out the fountain at the Forsyth Park’s north end. This was added in the 1800s and definitely has a romantic touch of French influence.

Wander the pathways that wind their way around the path, grab a cup of coffee at the cafe and people-watch, head to the Fragrant Garden, play a game of tennis or see if there’s a free concert being held while you’re in town. Your opportunities for a day out as a couple are absolutely limitless.

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Image: Georgia Department of Economic Development

Wander along the riverfront

Savannah’s riverfront boardwalk is a hub of activity, so if you’re craving a bit of hustle and bustle on your romance, this is definitely a unique way to find it. 

Historic buildings face out to the tranquil water, creating an extremely quaint atmosphere. It’s perfect for a romantic sunset walk, hand in hand with your sweetheart. Beautiful green trees line the path, as do gorgeous old-wordly lanterns that emit an idyllic romantic amber glow once the sun goes down. 

For some daytime action, head to the riverfront while the sun shines down. Market stalls are dotted along the cobbled road, while oodles of traffic heads up and down the water. Added bonus? There’s a range of romantic, luxurious accommodation in this part of town – who wouldn’t want to wake up to such a beautiful view out their window?

Grab a morning caffeine hit from one of the picturesque cafés and watch the boats pass by. Make sure you hop on a river cruise yourselves at some point, though! Considering the river is so vital to Savannah’s identity and prosperity, you need to see the city from the water – we insist.

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Image: Georgia Department of Economic Development

Enjoy the city’s vibe

Spend some time exploring the city’s bars, cafes and restaurants to take in its extremely special vibe. The food, the drinks, the music – they all come together to make Savannah the special place that it is. 

With such beautiful architecture, roaring hospitality and a bit of a cheeky spirit, you’ll simply adore spending your romantic holiday or honeymoon in this memorable US city