Top 5 driving holidays in the USA

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The United States of America is full of incredible driving routes that treat you to beautiful scenery and historic attractions to boot. 

Here are five of the best for you to tackle – time to take a vacation and hit the road!.

1. Route 66

This iconic American classic might be the most famous road trip of all. It runs from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles through the heart of the USA. Not only will you get to experience dazzling cities, you’ll pass through miles upon miles of empty desert, complete with all-American diners, truck stops and cacti galore. From Missouri to Texas to New Mexico and more, you’ll experience a great cross section of American culture when travelling Route 66

2. The Pacific Coast

From the bottom of California to the top of Washington State, The Pacific Coast route hugs the beautiful west coast. 

You’ll experience cities such as L.A, San Francisco and Seattle, but the highlight of this drive is nature itself. Wander stunning dramatic beaches, gaze at jagged cliffsides and explore beautiful forest landscapes. 

3. The Appalachian Trail

This east coast wonder travels from Maine, past Boston and New York all the way down to the southern state of Georgia. Its a route that passes by many of America’s historical wonders, stunning mountains and gorgeous forest. We recommend you drive this route during the autumn, when the trees are an extra beautiful shade of gold.

4. The Oregon Trail

For a coast to coast experience to remember, follow the Oregon Trail. It spans from the east’s city of Portland, Oregon, through the middle of the USA, all the way to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

Pass through dramatically beautiful states such as Idaho, with treasures such as the Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore awaiting you. 

5. The Great River Road

Have you always wanted to visit Elvis’ Graceland home, the jazz bars of New Orleans and the Mississippi River? Then follow the Great River Road all the way from the Mississippi Headwaters to Cajun Country and the Gulf of Mexico.

See it all – from small towns, abandoned shacks and industrial areas to thriving riverside wildlife, gorgeous vast open plains, lakes and farmlands. There’s a bit of everything involved, and you’ll come away with a sense of the “real” authentic America you don’t often see in the movies. 

Image: Shutterstock – Big Sur