How to travel with your partner… and still be on speaking terms when you return

They say if you really want to get to know someone in their truest form travel with them… or leave them alone with a device with painfully slow internet. We’ll be the first to say that travelling with a loved one can be as romantic an experience you can get (read: our name, our stories, our everything) but often it can be a bit of a challenge. Want to still be on speaking terms after you get back? Take a look at these five go-to tips…

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1. Discuss your finances before you leave – obviously

Let’s be honest – holidays are rarely cheap, so you’re going to want to make sure you’re both really enjoying what you’re putting your money towards. Before you lock down any plans, discuss openly exactly what you’d like to do and what kind of holiday you’d like to have. Most importantly, be honest about what sort of budget you’re comfortable with. Always allow for a little wiggle room, but set a maximum figure and talk about how you can both get what you want within that amount. 

Tech support

Diviing costs up between you? An easy way to split costs is with a free app called Splitwise. Essentially, when one of you pays for something you put the amount into the app and it will split the cost and record it for you. Think of it as a logbook of your personal finances that you can take along the way.

couple travelling
Know your strengths as a couple and individually, and work together

2. Know your strengths and work together

Is your significant other calm behind the wheel in any situation? If you’re hiring a car for a leg of your trip, make them driver and take on the job of playlist DJ. It’s important to share the load when planning your trip to save someone feeling like a volunteer travel agent, but if there’s something that you just get, own it. When planning, think about the logistics and talk about who should do what. Teamwork makes the dream work – yes, we went there. 

3. Don’t spend every second together

We’ve all seen those ‘couplie’ photos on Insta where two loved-up (and often genetically blessed) people seem to do everything together while on holiday. Don’t be fooled. While away, it’s totally acceptable to go off and do your own thing occasionally. It can be something as simple as chilling out with a book or a Netflix session while the other person checks out that landmark they’re keen to see, goes for a massage or indulges in a shopping trip. Remember, it’s a holiday for both of you but it’s also a holiday for you. If you’re super excited about seeing something that your other half really has no interest in, be open with them and set aside some time for both of you to do something that you’ll truly enjoy… separately. 

Man taking photo of woman on train track
Don’t force your partner to be your personal photographer

4. Don’t force them to be your Insta husband (or wife)

A stylishly dressed woman looks off into the distance, drink in hand while directing orders at her partner who’s taking a ‘candid’ shot about a metre away – it’s a scene we’ve all come across a few times, right? If your significant other wants to take a photo of you on your own or together that’s great, but don’t force them to become your personal photographer the whole holiday. The experiences behind the image matter much more than the shot. 

5. Don’t play the blame game

Stuff happens while travelling, it’s as simple as that. If you’re both irritated by long flights or pesky delays, try not to throw the blame onto the other person. Embrace the clichés – roll with the punches and just go with the flow. If you plan a trip expecting absolutely everything to be sunshine and roses you’re going to be disappointed, so take each day of the holiday as it comes and focus on the amazing experiences along the way. 

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