How to pack like a pro

Packing a suitcase can be one of those things that seems alot more stressful than it needs to be. Dreading the task? Here are ten clever tips for mastering the art of packing…

Packing Tips for Honeymoon
Work out exactly what you’ll wear

Plan out your outfits

Before you even drag out your suitcase, think ahead and loosely plan out what you’re going to wear for each day of your trip. It pays to write out a basic list of the items you’ll wear, but be realistic – you really won’t need stilettos if you’re trekking Machu Picchu. This will help you work out exactly what shoes and accessories deserve a place in your pack. 

Packing tips fora holiday
Consider the fabrics you’ll be packing

Think about the fabrics you’re taking

You might need to wear certain fabrics depending on where you’re going, but try to avoid those that wrinkle easily. Natural materials like merino wool and bamboo viscose are wrinkle-resistant, and there are some great synthetic options (stay with us) too. If you’re taking rolling luggage, packing Lyocell, polyester-elastane blends and (dare we say it?) lycra are all great at resisting suitcase creases.

How to pack for a holiday
Be smart abut where you place things in your suitcase

Pack heavy items at the bottom of your rolling suitcase

If you’re taking rolling luggage, packing your heavier items at the bottom is crucial to avoid crushing your more delicate ones. As soon as you pick up your luggage the basic laws of gravity will apply, so pack your sneakers down the bottom, along with any other weighty pieces: think boots, books and toiletries. 

packing for a holiday guide
Roll softer garments and fold stiffer ones in your suitcase

Know what to roll and what to fold

This is always a controversial question. Our advice? A little bit of both. Roll softer garments (like T-shirts and knitwear) and fold stiffer ones (such as starched cotton shirts or blazers) to save space. Anything tailored should be folded or packed in a separate garment bag – especially if you’re heading off to a wedding or a special function where your appearance counts. 

Man at airport
Pack a ‘just in case’ outfit in your carry-on

Have a backup outfit in your carry-on

Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on just in case, heaven forbid, your suitcase is misplaced. The outfit doesn’t have to be glamorous: jeans, a simple T-shirt and clean underwear will do the trick. 

head phones
Save your electronics’ cords with a little pre-planning

Roll up your wires

To make sure your electronics’ cords don’t form a frustrating tangle en route, roll them up (be careful not to snag them!) and pack them in a sunglasses or glasses case. Easy to open and close, the case will protect the wires and stop them from moving around and developing knots when you’re on the go. 

packing for a holidya
Suitcase looking full? Think about alternative ways to utilise space

Utilise as much space as possible

Is there a bulky handbag you absolutely have to take? Is it one you can’t flatten or roll up (like a tote)? Utilise it and put ‘scrunchy’ items inside, like swimsuits, singlet tops or coin purses. And it has to be the oldest trick in the book, but the same goes for the insides of your shoes – stuff with socks or small items to make the most of every space possible. 

Don't put liquids like shampoo straight into your suitcase
Don’t put liquids like shampoo straight into your suitcase

Decant liquids into smaller bottles 

If you absolutely have to take your favourite shampoo or liquid soap, decant it into reusable plastic bottles. Be sure to only fill them three-quarters of the way though, as the cargo area on a plane is not pressurised and liquids can expand in-flight – definitely not the kind of surprise you want to find at your destination.

Perfme bottle
Prevent perfume bottles from breakage with a little protection

Use zip-lock bags for precious toiletries

Put any toiletries that are in bottles (like perfume or cologne) in zip-lock bags, just in case they leak. Or, wrap them in thick socks to prevent breakage. And make sure you keep your liquids well away from any electronics – unless you want your (now useless) iPad to smell like Chanel No. 5, of course.

Tote bag for packing
Tote bags are a travel essential

Seperate your worn and clean clothes

Don’t forget to pack a lightweight tote bag to separate your clean and dirty clothes while you’re on the go. Whether you get your laundry done while you’re away or save it for when you get back, sorting your clothes in this way will make life simpler and more hygenic.

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