48 Hours in Bruges, Belgium

In Short Breaks by The H4C Team

Bruges is a medieval town that makes you feel as though you are part of a real world fairytale. Imagine wandering down traditional cobble stone lanes, hand in hand with your partner and sipping on divine Belgium hot chocolates… Bliss! And that, is exactly what Bruges is all about. Combine traditional architecture with the natural beauty of Belgium and you can make a weekend in Bruges one of the most romantic 48 hours of your lives.

So how will you see all that Bruges has to offer in 48 hours? We’ve put together an itinerary for you to ensure that your magical weekend reads just like Shakespeare!

Vlissinghe, photo: Kylie & Rob (and-Helen) – Flickr

Friday night

Enjoy the history that the beautiful Bruges has to offer and dine at the Tavern ‘Vlissinghe’. This quaint inn was built back in the 16th century, making this tavern one of the oldest in the lowlands. You and your partner can enjoy a light meal or just fill up on the famous and must-have Belgium beer! Depending on the season, in the warmer months you can enjoy sitting in the inn’s beer garden for a typical European summer atmosphere.

After a meal and a drink in the Tavern, simply take a stroll through the streets of Bruges, as the quaint town comes alive with bustling restaurants, bars and live street performers. But if you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet, simply wander away from the hustle and bustle and stroll through any of the quiet cobblestone lanes with your loved one to witness some of the beautiful Bruges by moonlight.

Photo: Wolfgang Staudt – Flickr

Saturday morning

After a delightful sleep in (because let’s face it – that’s what holidays are all about) the best way to see Bruges in a short amount of time is through its canals. Get a boat tour from the town centre to take you around the canal system while you sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful serenity that Bruges canals offer. If boats aren’t your thing, Bruges is famous for it’s fabulous walking tours, so enjoy some fresh air and exercise with your loved one and discover corners of Bruges you never would have known were there.

Saturday afternoon

Feast on a light lunch at one of the many cafes that surround Market Square for some delicious Belgium and European cuisine. Grab a delicious Belgium waffle covered in decadent chocolate from one of the quant bakeries or, some of Belgium’s famous ‘friets’ (fries) from a street truck. Besides, you are in the home of waffles, beer, fries and chocolate – embrace the holiday bellies!

Next stop we recommend spending the afternoon at one of Belgium’s and Europe’s well known breweries. ‘De Halve Maan’ is a brewery that will take you back though the centuries of Belgium’s brewing history, dating as one of the oldest breweries in Belgium. You can learn the beer brewing process and discover how beer tastes as good as it does!

Saturday evening

Now we must not forget, you are part of the fairytale that all couples are whisked away by in Bruges, so what is a better way to spend your last evening than in a fairytale inspired restaurant! Restaurant Pomperlut is an intimate restaurant perfect for a romantic night by the fireplace. This 16th century cottage restaurant is complete with mushrooms as decor and magical settings for your to admire, it is a must do in Bruges!

Photo: Paul Wilkinson – Flickr

Sunday morning

Bruges is home to one of the most popular chapel’s, the Basilica of the Holy Blood on Burg Square, known for reputedly containing Christ’s blood brought back from the Crusades. Even if you aren’t religious- for a morning of reflection and culture, enjoy the stunning architecture of this gothic style chapel. 

Now you can’t leave Bruges without some chocolate in hand! Pop your heads in one of the many Belgium chocolate shops for some jaw dropping decadence. Pick up some delicious treats for your travels and if you have some to share (which you probably won’t!) for your friends and family back home.

Bruges is the perfect place for a weekend stay, whether it’s part of your big Europe holiday or just a short stopover. Home to amazing foods, stunning architecture and just beaming with natural beauty- we assure you you’ll be swept away in the romantic fairytale that Bruges tells so well.

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