The Australian holiday gem you’ve probably never heard of

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Featured image: Your invitation to Eurobodalla. Photo: We Are Explorers

Ever heard of Eurobodalla? Don’t worry, it took us a minute too. But this NSW South Coast gem has stepped into the Australian holiday spotlight thanks to a new three-part online film series produced by outdoor adventure website We Are Explorers.

So, where is it again? Stretching from South Durras and Batemans Bay in the north to Narooma and the historic village of Tilba in the south, Eurobodalla is a nature-lovers paradise of beaches (83 to be exact), rivers, forest, and farmland. Seeking ‘transformation travel’ experiences (more on that below), the We Are Explorers crew spent a week roaming the region by boat, kayak, E-bike, and on foot while documenting their travels and pulling focus on the rich history and living culture of the indigenous Yuin people. 

The result is an emotive and beautifully produced online film series called Eurobodalla: Yuin People centred around three key characters (Dwayne Bannon-Harrison, Warwick Smith and Patricia Ellis) and their tales of a region with heritage tracing back over 20,000 years. There’s also plenty of gorgeous scenery to fawn over in this ‘see-it-before-everyone-else-does’ Australian holiday idyll.

The series also explores the spirit of transformational travel, which has come to the fore again as we seek meaning in our post-pandemic adventures. According to the Transformational Travel Council, this life-affirming and even life-changing concept means “intentionally travelling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.” Typically centred around connecting with nature, cultural experiences, and supporting local businesses, transformational travel is perfectly aligned with a Eurobodalla escape, as We Are Explorers founder, Henry Brydon explains.

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An under-the-radar natural paradise. Photo: We Are Explorers

“Travel has the power to completely shift perspectives and transform individuals in a way that makes the world a better place,” he says. “Eurobodalla is an intensely beautiful part of the world that naturally encourages visitors to slow down and reconnect to themselves and their surroundings,” he says.

“Listening to stories from the gold-mining village of Central Tilba and Gulaga the Mother Mountain, to the life-giving Clyde River, and along a traditional Yuin songline on the Bingi Dreaming Track … it feels like the whole region has come to life, and I now have a new depth of understanding of its heart,” Henry says. “We can’t wait to share them with you.”

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Dive into Eurobodalla. Photo: We Are Explorers

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Where? Eurobodalla: four scenic hours south of Sydney on the NSW South Coast

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