Water-lovers, dive into these extreme hotels

Are you a fan of water and seeking an exciting experience? Whether you’re a water enthusiast or simply in search of a unique and memorable place to stay, these hotels with water themes are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable getaway.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island boasts an underwater restaurant

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

We’ve seen our fair share of fancy resort restaurants, but at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, dining is taken to a whole other level. Or rather, down a level – five metres below the water’s surface, to be exact.

The world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant, Ithaa (which means ‘mother of pearl’ in the Maldivian language) invites diners to enjoy delicious fare surrounded by 180-degree views of vibrant coral gardens and sea life. Dinner or lunch here is a Little Mermaid- meets-Bond experience, with indulgences such as caviar and lobster best enjoyed as stingrays glide past. The resort’s rooms aren’t too shabby either. 

Sleep in a waterfall at Huilo Huilo Montaña Lodge
Sleep in a waterfall at Huilo Huilo Montaña Lodge

Huilo Huilo Montaña Lodge, Chile

Hidden within 600 square kilometres of verdant rainforest, deep in southern Chile, this enchanting 13-room hotel invites couples to stay a night in Magic Mountain, a giant, manmade volcano-slash-waterfall which ‘erupts’ daily and showers the hotel in water.

It’s every big kid’s dream: entry is via a suspended rope bridge and there’s access to South America’s longest zip-wire, running at 450 metres above ground. But the hotel is also primed to win over more ‘sensible’ guests, with outdoor hot tubs, a candlelit bar and forests filled with fascinating wildlife, including the world’s smallest deer, which stands at just 13 inches tall. 

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The Manta Resort, Pemba Island is a hotel like no other
The Manta Resort, Pemba Island is a hotel like no other

The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

Question: How can you make a private island hotel even more exclusive? Answer: Make your hotel room the island. As in, the entire island. A three-level floating structure on the turquoise waters of Tanzania, The Manta Resort’s Underwater Room is where you can sleep four metres below sea level, surrounded by marine life.

Above the water, the open rooftop lends itself to sunbathing and dining under the stars (with meals delivered and served by your own guide), but it’s likely you’ll want to spend your stay exploring the amazing world directly below.  

Dine in a romantic seacave at The Caves

The Caves, Negril, Jamaica

This luxe Jamaican hotel has just enough rugged scenery to fulfil all your Robinson Crusoe daydreams. It’s located in Negril (dubbed the ‘Capital of Casual’ for its informal island vibe), which lies at the far western tip of the island.

Home to long stretches of white sand, cliffside cottages and jungle-like gardens, The Caves is mostly known for (quelle surprise!) its spectacular sea caves. Filled with candles and the refreshing scent of the sea, they become the perfect setting for a private dinner or a night spent sipping tropical cocktails (the resort’s Blackwell Rum Bar is situated inside a volcanic cliff and is accessible via a coral staircase). In a (coco)nutshell, The Caves is the perfect hideout if it’s the pirate life for you… you know, minus the pillaging and violence. 

No Man's Fort is a seriously funky place to stay
No Man’s Fort is a seriously funky place to stay

No Man’s Fort, Solent, Portsmouth

Once upon a time, 150 years ago, the British Prime Minister was so worried that the French would invade, that he commissioned a collection of sea-based defence forts off the coast of the Isle of Wight, just in case. By the time the forts were completed, some 15 years later, the French threat no longer existed and it all ended in red faces. Today though, one existing fort has regained its useful status and serves as a luxury hotel. Who would’ve thought?

With stylish suites and plenty of historical charm, No Man’s Fort features five bars, rooftop hot tubs, a cabaret club and one of the best fire-pits-with-a-view you’ll find. Getting here is an experience, too. Guests check in at the Fort’s Port Office before being whisked away for an exhilarating cruise to their home for the next two days for a guided tour and gourmet lunch. Onboard, activities include cocktail-making classes, cheese and wine tastings, spa treatments and even a Lazer Battle experience, making No Man’s Fort a brilliant fusion of new-age fun and British nostalgia. We wouldn’t mind getting stranded here. 

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