Colour and Spirit in Cuba

Havana old town cuba

Colour, spirit, adventure, music, painted streets, history, inspiration. That’s Cuba. For couples looking for a bit of adventure and to visit somewhere unlike anywhere they’ve been before, Cuba has the power to reinvigorate the soul.

Old Havana;
Old Havana; Photo: Miguel Discart – Flickr

Where to go

Havana is a must-visit location for those travelling to Cuba. The stunning architecture of Old Havana is a relic from before the revolution. It’s everything you imagine and more: salsa spilling out onto the streets from clubs, musicians dotted along the alleys, quaint restaurants. While in Havana, take a long walk along the Malecón Havana, an eight kilometre long roadway and sea wall.

In central Cuba, Trinidad is the little colonial town that time forgot. Walk her streets, visit the beach, take a guided walk through the countryside and enjoy cuisine crafted from centuries-old recipes. This is where you will want to buy your souvenirs – from little craft stalls and artisan markets.

Health and history buffs will appreciate a guided hike up Pico Turquino, Cuba’s highest mountain. A tough trek but the spectacular vistas once you reach the top are plenty of a reward. Here, couples can visit the historic mountain headquarters of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. There are over 300 species of birds that call Cuba home so this is a good opportunity to see how many you can spy along the way.

Experience Cuba’s agricultural history in Viñales Valley in the Pinar del Rio Province, characterised by awe-inspiring low mountain ranges. Close to Havana, this is a great stop off to see the Cuban countryside.

Woman in Cuba
Photo: David Steele – Flickr

Where to stay

Cuba’s luxury accommodation is very affordable considering how far your money takes you. For example, Meliá La Habana is an absolute five star resort on the Havana coastline with prices starting at around $250 per night. In Trinidad, the five star Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad is an ideal location near shops, nightclubs and restaurants and prices start at around $80 per night. It’s a matter of deciding where you want to go and the luxury accommodations will follow.

Symbol of the communist revolution Che Guevara immortalised through art throughout Cub
Symbol of the communist revolution Che Guevara immortalised through art throughout Cuba; photo: Scott – Flickr


In the past Cuba has received a bad rap on the international stage due to its complicated history with the United States. Trade and travel bans from the US jilted the Cuban economy. But, we have seen a recent relaxation of such restrictions after Barack Obama reviewed whether Cuba still belonged on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. Cuba was originally listed due to Fidel Castro’s support for communist rebels in Latin America in the 1980s as well as the fear of communism exacerbated by the Cold War for decades – a very different threat than that which faces the globe today.

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