Romance in the Seychelles

It’s the island experience you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – and who wouldn’t? – you might consider heading to idyllic Seychelles for your honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Why are honeymoons here so magical? Well, think scores of white sand, glistening turquoise ocean, endless wide open sunny sky – and that’s just the entrée! 

Here’s a little bit more about this island nation and just why it’s so special. 

Image: Raymond Sahuquet & Seychelles Tourism Board

Location, location, location

Seychelles, officially titled the Republic of Seychelles, is located in the Indian Ocean, east of southeast Africa. That puts it near the world-famous island of Madagascar, not to mention Zanzibar and Mauritius. It’s the perfect location to jet-set to other island hideaways… though you won’t want to leave once you set foot on the sandy white shores of Seychelle’s islands!

That’s right – we said islands. Seychelles is made up of 115 individual islands. Mahe is the largest one of all and is home to the nation’s capital, Victoria. Most of Seychelles’ population lives on this island, and it makes a great starting point for your romantic island escape. 

Don your shorts and sarong and head to the Seychelles Natural History Museum to discover more about the beautiful paradise surrounding you, and wander the lush Botanical Gardens hand-in-hand.

Soak in the local culture, which draws from African, Asian and European elements. There are all sorts of customs and traditions to observe, and one of the best ways to start is by taking a stroll around the streets of Victoria. Check out the European-inspired architecture adapted to island-style practicalities, such as the need to be open and breezy considering the hot conditions.

Pay a visit to a local music and dance show and see worldwide influences evident in enchanting song and sound, and visit an art galley to see the creative wonders on offer. From painting to coconut shell creations and pottery, there’s plenty to discover on a romantic honeymoon or getaway to Seychelles.

woman on boat seychelles
Image: Raymond Sahuquet & Seychelles Tourism Board

Stunning beaches

Of course a trip to Seychelles wouldn’t be complete without a significant period of time spent on the shore! Seychelles has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, so pack a couple of swimsuits and a few good books, because you’re going to spend a lot of time relaxing with each other on the romantic beachside. 

On Seychelles’ second-largest island, Praslin, you’ll find plenty of empty stretches of sand to lay down your towel. Anse Lazio is a particularly charming option, as it’s quiet, sheltered and incomparably lovely to look at. You’ll also see plenty of the world’s largest coconut variety here – wild coco de mer – so be on the lookout! 

La Digue is another of romantic Seychelles’ islands, and it’s little but still packs a punch. Extremely relaxed and laid-back, life here is truly on ‘island time’. Ride your bikes from beach to beach – you don’t need to worry about busy roads here. Beach Anse Source d’Argent is particularly stunning, with its intriguing rock formations, crystal-clear, calm water and beautiful stretch of sand surrounded by lush green forest. 

Then there’s the Grand Anse, offering even more pristine, unspoilt sand and sea, while the Petit Anse offers a more intimate experience of the beautiful landscape. 

beach seychelles
Image: Gerard Larose & Seychelles Tourism Board

There are plenty of other, more remote islands to be explored too. If you’ve got the budget of Wills and Kate, you can always hire out your own private island (so luxurious!). There’s certainly plenty of luxury accommodation available to choose from. 

For the more budget conscious couples, however, you can embark on day trips to some of the wonderfully untouched islands. Check out Cousin Island for incredible giant tortoises, or take a snorkelling trip around Bird Island. Whatever you plan to spend, you’ll find something truly enthralling on your getaway or honeymoon in Seychelles.

Turtle Seychelles
Image: Shutterstock

The Seychelles islands simply aren’t to be missed for a pair of starry-eyed lovers, so make sure you add this luxurious destination to your couples’ getaway or honeymoon bucket list. 

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