Norfolk Island: a couple’s vacation paradise

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What makes Norfolk Island the ideal place for a couple’s vacation?

Well, this peaceful retreat has everything you and your partner could possibly desire, whether it’s delicious local food and drink, luxury accommodation or exciting sightseeing opportunities and attractions.

Measuring just 8km by 5km, Norfolk Island is within three hours flight of Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, meaning you can enjoy a short break and still experience some of the island’s most appealing features.

Boasting a fascinating history, pristine vistas and fantastic hospitality, you’ll return from your Norfolk Island romantic getaway with a lifetime’s worth of memories and an eagerness to come back!

A history lesson for culture vultures

Part of Norfolk Island’s undeniable uniqueness is tied up in its history, with its inhabitants almost entirely descended from HMS Bounty mutineers from the late 1700s.

While English is the primary language, the Norfolk Islanders also speak Norfolk – a language that has survived the centuries from the earliest settlers.

This is just a small sample of Norfolk Island’s fascinating background, with various museums and galleries available for couples who want to learn more.

A must-see is the intriguing Bounty Folk Museum – a private collection consisting of hours worth of convict-era artefacts and souvenirs spread across a maze of rooms.

The Pitcairn Settlers Village allows you to see the original Bailey homestead and gardens, giving you a glimpse of the inhabitant’s proud history through a museum, an ex-New Zealand Army hut and the oldest working forge in the Pacific.

Wining and dining

Enjoying a candlelit dinner for two is likely to be high on your list of priorities if you are on a couple’s vacation, and the island can certainly deliver.

Bailey’s Restaurant at the Governor’s Lodge is a firm favourite, featuring an a la carte menu brimming with contemporary cuisine and using only the freshest local produce.

A selection of Australasian wines is available, so sit back in this beautifully restored 1900s homestead and share some treasured moments with your loved one.

For a further sneak peak into the island’s penal colony history, why not visit Barney Duffy’s Charcoal Grill? The restaurant’s namesake was an escaped convict who dodged the law for seven years by hiding in a huge Norfolk Island pine, before being finally caught. 

Patrons to the grill are not only able to indulge in sumptuous steaks, but they can also hear Duffy’s story lovingly retold by the restaurant’s owner or staff.

Norfolk Island’s top attractions

Once you’ve had your fill of local culture, you and your partner will no doubt want to experience the best sightseeing opportunities and attractions Norfolk Island has to offer.

Walk hand-in-hand at the Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Gardens, where you can visit an aviary that houses the island’s green parrots – an endangered species found nowhere else in the world.

Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama is also an attraction not to be missed, with this stunning 360-degree panoramic painting detailing the history of the island in a way that will leave you breathless.

Live in the lap of luxury

Having explored everything Norfolk Island has to offer, no romantic getaway would be complete without the best in luxurious accommodation to return to.

Despite its name, The Tin Sheds resort is a stylish five-star establishment that provides a personalised island experience, with three spacious apartments surrounded by beautiful landscaped private courtyards.

Located just a stone’s throw from the Burnt Pine shopping precinct, as well as the island’s best national parks and beaches, this is the perfect accommodation choice for those living the high life on their honeymoon.

For more information on premium hotels and resorts on Norfolk Island, or to see what other activities and attractions are available, please visit the Norfolk Island Tourism website.