Why a minimoon is the new honeymoon

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Featured image: What does your minimoon look like? Photo: Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Honeymoon on hold? Luxury minimoons offer a modern twist on the ultimate romantic holiday. We get on board with the why and how …

Why go mini?

Once upon a time, the plan was simple. Invite hundreds of guests to a huge party, then jet off for two weeks in a far-flung location. Wedding and honeymoon, done. But in 2021, those heady (and let’s face it, budget-busting) days can seem like a million years ago. “I do” is certainly back on track but international travel plans are still on ice, meaning that first holiday as newlyweds has been looking a little closer to home.

Cue the minimoon. And not just a few days tacked on before the ‘proper’ honeymoon or a consolation prize weekend in a so-so studio room. We’re talking a five-star holiday with all the bells and whistles. This luxury short break is also excellent for couples whose work or home commitments only permit a few precious days away after the wedding.

Oh, my heart! Photo: Heart Reef, Whitsundays by Salty Wings

How does it work?

The modern minimoon clocks in at under a week and is booked domestically, usually with minimal travel time. It takes the good bits of a traditional honeymoon — think luxury accommodation and plenty of relaxation — with less hang time in airport terminals. Some newlyweds keep the love flowing at their reception location while others venture further afield to a dream destination or favourite Australian holiday spot.

Despite their abbreviated nature, minimoons are a chance to live large, whatever your holiday vibe. Wash up on a tropical island in the Whitsundays, hit the après-ski scene in the Snowy Mountains, or disappear into the Tasmanian wilderness for a wild luxury adventure. Just remember to say yes to all those special extras you might ordinarily put on the one-day list. Private pool suite? Go for it. Daily massage? Make it two. Helicopter arrivals, hot air-balloon rides, and sunset cruises? It would be insane not to splash out when it comes to magical minimoon experiences.

Passport plans

If an overseas trip is still on your radar, why not start planning your first anniversary holiday now? A luxurious local minimoon followed by a romantic anniversary adventure to Fiji, Bali, or Thailand. Now that’s a win, win.