The Best Beaches in Perth for Fun in the Sun

Torquise water of Cottesloe Beach, Indian Ocean, Perth, Western Australia!

Throw down a towel and discover the diverse personalities of Perth’s beaches with this comprehensive guide to The ‘City of Lights’ best beaches.

Western Australia boasts a wealth of pristine coastline, with beaches tailored to every type of beachgoer. But with so many options, where do you start? Don’t fret! We’ve selected our top 10 beaches in Perth, perfect for laying out your towel and soaking up the sun. Each beach on our list has its own unique charm, ensuring you’ll find one that suits your preferences. We’ve even included some fabulous restaurant and cafe suggestions for each location to ensure you have the ultimate Perth beach day!

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Scarborough Beach – A Beach-lover’s Paradise

Scarborough Beach Perth
Courtesy Tourism Western Australia

Driving time from Perth: 20 minutes

One of the most renowned spots along Western Australia’s coastline, Scarborough Beach offers a beach experience like no other. With a skyline flanked by towering buildings and a shore lined with an array of delightful establishments, this beach is more than just a sandy retreat; it’s a vibrant hub of activity.

A Day at Scarborough Beach

As soon as you step onto its soft, white sands, you’ll be welcomed by a breathtaking sight: the vast expanse of the azure sea, shimmering brightly under the warm sun. If you’re up for some beach fun, Scarborough offers perfect swimming conditions with its serene, crystal-clear waters. And if you prefer staying on solid ground, the lively promenade, packed with shops, cafes, and surf outlets, promises endless entertainment.

Best place for lunch or dinner

La Capannina has a modern Mediterranean-style menu perfect with a chilled glass of wine – and the views are amazing!

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City Beach – The Perfect Sunset Spot

City Beach Perth

Driving time from Perth: 15 minutes

Nestled amidst Perth’s bustling northern suburbs, City Beach is another coastal gem that offers a prime location for beachgoers. This beach is a favourite among locals and tourists, thanks to its lively atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

An Abundance of Activities

City Beach’s sandy expanse is often dotted with surfers riding the waves, families enjoying a day out, and individuals savouring a peaceful walk along the shore. The beach also boasts ample grassy areas, making it an ideal spot for sunset picnics. Additionally, the beachfront is home to a surf lifesaving club and a selection of eateries, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Best place for lunch or dinner

Thanks to Odyssea Restaurant’s picturesque location and easy access from the shore, beachgoers can enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner with a refreshing breeze on SSEA•DECK. 

Port Beach – The Windy Day Retreat

Driving time from Perth: 30 minutes

Port Beach may possess a different picture-perfect allure than some of Perth’s other beaches, but it has its unique appeal. Its sheltered location makes it a refuge from the persistent south-westerly winds that can plague other beach spots.

What you’ll love about Port Beach

On a good day, the swell at Port Beach makes it a popular spot for wave-riders. The beach also offers stunning views of Rottnest Island, adding a layer of beauty to your beach day. And when you’ve had your fill of sun and sand, the vibrant hub of Fremantle lies nearby, ready to be explored.

Best place for lunch or dinner 

Coast Port Beach is the number one spot for casual pub-style meals with the bonus of incredible beach views and sunset shots.

Coogee Beach – Not The Famous Sydney Beach!

Coogee Beach Perth

Driving time from Perth: 35 minutes

Travelling south of Perth, you’ll discover Coogee Beach, one of Australia’s top 15 best beaches. This stunning beach is located in the southern suburb of Cockburn and offers a picturesque setting with beautiful white sand and crystal-clear water. It’s an ideal location for a relaxing beach day.  

Coogee Maritime Trail, centred around the century-old Omeo shipwreck, is also located nearby, making it a perfect spot for exploring and learning about the local maritime history. Here, you can explore 55 underwater structures, including reef pyramids, replica canons, and sunken educational panels. 

What to Do at Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach’s long stretch of white sand is perfect for leisurely beach walks and sunbathing. The beach also features a jetty, a popular spot for fishing and diving enthusiasts. With a vast grassy area, Coogee is also an excellent place for picnics.

Best place for lunch or dinner 

Amuni is a contemporary wine bar, restaurant and pizzeria specialising in exquisite Mediterranean food in the heart of Port Coogee. 

Cottesloe Beach – The Iconic Beach Spot

Courtesy Tourism Western Australia

Driving time from Perth: 20 minutes

Often compared to Bondi Beach in terms of popularity and charm, Cottesloe Beach is a must-visit destination when in Perth. Affectionately known as ‘Cott’ by the locals, this beach offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational facilities, and vibrant beach culture.

The Cottesloe Experience

Stunning coastal views surround the beach. After a refreshing dip in the sea, you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the local eateries. And as the day winds down, grab a drink at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel and savour the beautiful sunset views.

Best place for lunch or dinner 

Longview is an elegant restaurant with a large beachfront balcony serving Modern Australian food & cocktails.

Trigg Beach – The Surfer’s Haven

Trigg Beach Perth
Courtesy Tourism Western Australia

Driving time from Perth: 20 minutes

Trigg Beach becomes the go-to spot for seasoned swimmers and surfers when the sea gets rough and the waves high. The beach’s powerful waves and strong currents provide an exhilarating challenge for thrill-seeking surfers. But it’s not just about the water; Trigg Beach also boasts a beautiful sandy stretch perfect for beach walks and jogs.

Best place for lunch or dinner

Island Market is the place to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With indoor and outdoor seating and great beach views, you will want to stay!

Swanbourne Beach – The Nudist-friendly Beach

Swanbourne Beach Near Pertth
Courtesy: Tourism Western Australia – photo by @from.miles.away 

Driving time from Perth: 20 minutes

For those who seek a more liberating beach experience, Swanbourne Beach offers a secluded spot for nude sunbathing. Accessible via a short walk from the car park, this section of the beach is shielded from public view, providing privacy for nude beachgoers.

Best place for lunch or dinner

The Shorehouse is another fabulous restaurant with wraparound beach vistas serving food from breakfast to late. Sandy feet welcome!

Bathers Beach – The Heritage-Rich Beach

Bathers Bay WA

Driving time from Perth: 30 minutes

With its calm waters and rich heritage, Bathers Beach is a must-visit spot for any beach-lover. The beach is within walking distance of several Fremantle attractions, making it an excellent base for a day of exploration and beach fun.

Best place for lunch or dinner

Bathers Beach House is a casual restaurant with a beachfront terrace perfect for an afternoon or evening beverage and simple food.

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Rottnest Island -The Perfect Island Escape

Rottnst island Western Australia

Travel time from Perth: 25 minutes by ferry from Fremantle

Rottnest Island offers a unique beach experience with its secluded beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and the friendly quokkas for which it is known. The island is a car-free zone, making it a perfect destination for a peaceful, nature-filled getaway.

Best place for lunch or dinner

Isola Bar e Cibo is an authentic Italian restaurant sitting by the sea offering delicious food and fabulous views.

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Mettams Pool – A Snorkellers Paradise

Courtesy Tourism Western Australia

Travel time from Perth: 20 minutes

Mettams Pool is off West Coast Drive, just north of Trigg Beach. This natural rock pool is surrounded by a reef, which makes the water calm and ideal for snorkelling. It is perfect for both beginner and advanced snorkelers. You can expect to see various marine life such as corals, sponges, fish, port Jackson sharks, eagle rays, octopus, seals and stingrays. Moreover, many cafes are along the scenic coastline, making it an ideal spot for a fantastic day out. 

Best place for lunch or dinner

Spinifex North Beach offers a casual but classy dining spot with panoramic ocean views and a beachside vibe.

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