How To Plan Your Dream Honeymoon in Vietnam

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If you’re considering a honeymoon in Vietnam, our advice is to go for it! This vibrant Southeast Asian country, known for its incredible scenery, history, and street food culture, is fast becoming a magnet for couples planning a romantic getaway. Especially those seeking a destination with a difference. From beloved Halong Bay, historic Hanoi, and the stunning beaches of Nha Trang to the modern energy and French-accented architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has it all for a memorable couple’s holiday or honeymoon.

Need a little help getting started? We’re here to help. Our comprehensive travel guide for couples will take you through the most enchanting destinations in Vietnam and highlight the best honeymoon locations and romantic experiences for couples. We’ll also share some practical advice on the best time to visit Vietnam and how to travel around this fabulous country.

Let’s start planning the ultimate romantic getaway to Vietnam.

Is Vietnam Good for a Honeymoon?

Small basket paddle boats on a beach shore in Vietnam

You’ll quickly see why couples are choosing Vietnam as a honeymoon location. From the mountains of the north to the beach towns of the south, this is a country of great beauty and diversity — with an exotic allure to give your romantic getaway a unique edge. Whether you’re browsing the markets of Hanoi, zipping around HCMC on the back of a motorbike, or snorkelling the waters off Phu Quoc, you’ll feel that sense of adventure and escape.

Something else that makes Vietnam so good for a honeymoon is its ever-growing choice of luxurious yet affordable accommodation for couples. So, when you combine this with dazzling scenery and a wide range of attractions to suit history buffs, foodies, adventurers and beach lovers, you have the kind of holiday you’ll cherish forever. Oh, and did we mention what GREAT value Vietnam is for a honeymoon?

Where to go on your honeymoon in Vietnam

Some of you may be wondering: Where is Vietnam? Geographically long and slender, this Southeast Asian country borders China in the north, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia to the west, and the Gulf of Thailand to the south. To the east, Vietnam faces the Eastern Sea (South China Sea) and the Pacific Ocean.The country has a dramatic history including French colonisation during the late 1880s until independence in 1945 and the Vietnam War of 1954 – 1975. Officially reunited in 1976, the country began the process of rebuilding, and has since opened to visitors from around the world.

Here are some of the most popular honeymoon locations in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)

Wide angle shot of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) or Saigon with cityscapes and skyscrapers in Vietnam

We’re starting our list with Ho Chi Minh City HCMC (formerly officially called Saigon, and still called Saigon by many locals) in the south: a must-visit for any Vietnamese holiday or honeymoon. This buzzing modern city is also steeped in history, creating a cool juxtaposition of old and new. Picture sleek skyscrapers sharing the pavement with ancient pagodas, vibrant local markets, and grand French-style architecture (a reminder of the country’s colonial past).

In HCMC, there’s a chance for sombre reflection at the War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels but also an optimistic spirit and youthful energy that will really stay with you. Hail a cyclo (a three-wheeled pedicab) or taxi to see the sites from the ground or head up to the Saigon Skydeck for a bird’s eye view.

One thing you’ll love about HCMC (and the rest of Vietnam) is the cuisine! Food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture, and you’ll soon share their enthusiasm — whether sipping sweet drip coffee, slurping pho (pronounced ‘fuh’), snacking on bánh mì (a French/Vietnamese baguette) or chowing down in the city’s fine dining restaurants.

Discover more of what to see, do & eat in Ho Chi Minh City for couples

Ho Tram

Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort

Flagged by Lonely Planet as one of the best places to visit near HCMC for 2022, Ho Tram is a destination on the rise— so the best time to see it is right now! One of southern Vietnam’s beautiful beach towns, Ho Tram is just a two-hour drive southeast of HCMC. Although known locally for its balmy climate, walkable beachfront, and nearby hot springs, this coastal gem still goes largely under the radar. Treat yourself to a luxurious beachside hotel and indulge in some sun, sand, swimming, and spa treatments to unwind and recharge. The perfect antidote to a few hectic days in HCMC.

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Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi
Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

No romantic getaway to Vietnam would be complete without a couple of days in the capital, Hanoi. Located in the north of the country, this charming honeymoon location is overlaid with 1000+ years of legends, history, and influences from Southeast Asia, China and France. Base yourselves in the atmospheric Old Quarter and explore the vibrant streets filled with bustling local markets, delicious street food, and ancient pagodas. Take a stroll around the city’s beloved Hoan Kiem Lake. Stop by the many historic sites including the Hanoi Opera House and the Temple of Literature. And delve into the country’s more modern history at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, resting place of Communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh and the spot where the Declaration of Independence from France was signed in 1945.

Check out our Honeymoon Guide to Hanoi for more inspiration on what to do and see there.

Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Ready for a romantic cruise? Imagine gliding through the emerald waters and dramatic seascapes of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay. Around 2-3 hours (by road) east of Hanoi, this region is famous for its stunning limestone karsts, hidden caves, and mystical vibe. The name Ha Long means ‘descending dragon’ in Vietnamese, a nod to the rich folklore surrounding these waters. For a surefire honeymoon highlight, book a sunset cruise around Halong Bay.

Cruising Ha Long Bay for couples


Sapa Vietnam

If you’re looking for a romantic side trip from Hanoi, head northwest towards the Chinese border and discover Sapa. Misty mountaintops, cascading rice terraces, and lush valleys that spill into rushing rivers make this a memorable addition to your Vietnamese honeymoon itinerary. Take in the incredible scenery as a cable car whisks you up (3,143 metres up!) to the summit of Mount Fansipan, trek the surrounding hillsides, or follow the quaint cobblestone path to Love Waterfall. Can’t go past a good market? Try the colourful and lively Bac Ha Sunday markets where Flower Hmong, La Chi Nhung and Tay hill tribes gather to ply their beautiful wares (about 3 hours from Sapa by road). Sapa is around 4-6 hours from Hanoi by road, depending on whether you travel by car, bus, taxi or limousine van.

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Nha Trang

Stretch of beach in Nha Trang with views of the cityscapes in Vietnam

One of Vietnam’s most popular beach destinations is the resort town of Nha Trang, an hour’s flight northeast from HCMC. Beloved for its picturesque bay, sandy shores and mild climate, Nha Trang offers the perfect setting to lounge, swim or snorkel as part of your romantic getaway in Vietnam. The waters around Nha Trang are also home to several world-class dive sites where you can explore the colourful coral reefs and exotic marine life. Days of discovery can include the ancient Po Nagar Cham Towers, a steep (but totally worth it) climb to Long Son Pagoda and its 14-metre Buddha, and jaunts to several off-shore islands. Debrief with a sunset stroll along the promenade and dinner on the beach.

Cam Ranh

Alma Cam Ranh

Here’s a hidden gem for your Vietnamese honeymoon itinerary: the coastal town of Cam Ranh. Located just south of Nha Trang (around half an hour by car), the Cam Ranh peninsula has a rich history, having served as a French military base and a significant U.S. military installation during the Vietnam War. Today, the area is a growing holiday hotspot with new resorts popping up and visitors drawn to the sugary sands of Bai Dai Beach. Lovely on its own or a perfect side trip if you’re staying in Nha Trang.

Hoi An

River in an old town in Hoi An Vietnam with trading boats and buildings
Beautiful Hoi An

Ready to be charmed? Wander the lantern-lit streets of Hoi An with your love and discover the delights of this ancient port city in central Vietnam. The Old Town is a step back in time to when Hoi An was a vibrant trading hub for China, Japan and Europe — and these influences still linger in the local architecture and delicious cuisine. See the city from the water cruising the revered Thu Bon River or hire a scooter or bicycle and head out to nearby Bang Beach for a swim and seafood lunch (around 10 minutes by taxi). History buffs? Book a tour or driver so you can marvel at the tower temples of World Heritage-listed My Son Sanctuary (around 40 km away), constructed between the 4th and 14th centuries as part of the mystical Champa Kingdom.

Phu Quoc

Dam Ngang Island, An Thoi, Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Dam Ngang Island, An Thoi, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Beach lovers, prepare to be seduced by the tropical charms of Phu Quoc: a teardrop of an island in the Gulf of Thailand, just off Vietnam’s southwest coast. Known for its chilled, fishing village vibe, superb seafood, and glorious national park, Phu Quoc is also home to some of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches, including the vanilla sands and crystalline waters of Sao Beach (Bai Sao). Beach picnics, jungle hikes, toes-in-the-sand dining, and excellent snorkelling are just some of the reasons to add Phu Quoc to your Vietnam honeymoon itinerary.

Enjoy a laidback romantic getaway in Phu Quoc

Da Lat

Overhead or drone shot of a foggy mountain with a small town in Da Lat Vietnam
Foggy mountain Da Lat Vietnam (1)

Beloved for its romantic atmosphere and refreshingly cool climate, the charming mountain town of Da Lat looks lifted straight from a landscape painting. Nestled in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat makes a perfect escape from the heat of the south. The town is dotted with pagodas and French-surrounded by lush green hills, picturesque lakes, and colourful flower gardens, creating a serene setting for couples. Stroll hand-in-hand through the picturesque Valley of Love, admire the blooms at Da Lat Flower Park, and take a boat ride on tranquil Tuyen Lam Lake. Architectural highlights include the 1930s art deco treasure, Bao Dai Summer Palace, once home to Vietnam’s last feudal king.

Romantic Things To See & Do On Your Vietnam Honeymoon

Now you’re more familiar with some of the best locations in Vietnam, you may already be imagining what you’d like to see and do on your romantic getaway. You may like to centre your adventures around HCMC and southern Vietnam or focus your attention on the lush Central Highlands and Hanoi in the north. Will it be a gourmet tour, an adventure-fuelled itinerary, or a beach-hopping odyssey? Many couples choose to mix and match their romantic experiences to get a real feel for the country. Why not spend a few weeks exploring Vietnam and enjoy several destinations for your romantic getaway? Whatever you choose to see and do in Vietnam, the warmth and spirit of the local Vietnamese people are sure to enhance the journey.

Enjoy an unforgettable two weeks in Southern Vietnam with this itinerary.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam for Good Weather

The best time to visit Vietnam depends on which areas you plan to see and what’s on your honeymoon wish-list. Because Vietnam is over 1,600 kilometres long, the weather varies widely from north to south. And, like much of Southeast Asia, it is strongly influenced by the annual monsoon. So, if you’re chasing the sun, take note!

In general, Vietnam has a warm to hot and humid tropical climate with cooler, more temperate conditions in the north, especially the mountains where it can even snow! Surprisingly, winter can be the best time for a beach holiday in Vietnam as there is less chance of rain. For most areas, November to April is the dry season while May to October is the rainy season.

To help you plan the perfect honeymoon to Vietnam, we’ve broken down the seasons in a bit more detail.

Good to know: Each year, the whole country celebrates Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year) which falls between mid-January and late February. Although a festive and joyful time to visit, keep in mind there are usually 5-7 ‘holiday’ days, meaning many local restaurants and shops close their doors. Hotels can also be super busy around this peak time.

December/January/February: Lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, and less chance of rain make the winter months popular in the centre and south of Vietnam. Chilly temperatures and fog may be lingering in the north. Just remember that December is often a peak time.

March/April/May: Springtime in Vietnam is often a busy time with warm to hot weather but less chance of rain. A good time to visit the northern areas too.

June/July/August: The summer months are hot and often rainy time in much of the country. If you’re visiting at this time and want a beach experience, try Hoi An and Nha Trang.

September/October/November: If you have Halong Bay or Hanoi on your honeymoon itinerary, autumn can be a great time to visit Vietnam. The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn offer a good mix of mild to warm temperatures and less chance of rain.

How to travel around Vietnam

Motorcycles in traffic jam Hanoi, Vietnam. (1)

Getting to Vietnam: Vietnam is well-served by a choice of domestic and international airports including the main hubs of Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) in HCMC and Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) in Hanoi.

Getting around Vietnam: While motorbikes may be synonymous with this vibrant country (it’s definitely the local way to go), there are many ways to travel around Vietnam. It’s easy to rent a car but many visitors prefer to hire a car with a driver as an affordable way to see the best sites and avoid the often-chaotic traffic or tricky roads. Many local attractions are also linked by bus or train. Within the main cities of Hanoi and HCMC, you can also hire a cyclo (a three-wheeled pedicab similar to a tuk tuk) for a fun local experience. Walking and bicycle tours are also popular for connecting with the culture and landscape of Vietnam. You can fly between major destinations, too.

Currency of Vietnam: The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (VND). ATMS are plentiful and most tourist hubs, shops and resorts accept credit cards but cash is handy for more remote areas, shops and markets. Just don’t expect to pay with coins here, they don’t have them!

Language: Although Vietnamese is the official language, it’s estimated that over half the population also speak English, especially in tourist areas, hotels and resorts.

Couples will love:

An unforgettable honeymoon with more than just beaches (although, the beaches are glorious too!). Vietnam’s rich cultural history, captivating cities, and energetic mix of old and new makes for a unique romantic getaway. And don’t be surprised if your honeymoon in Vietnam inspires a return visit or an epic journey through neighbouring Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.  

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