Top 5 Things To Discover About the Polynesian Paradise of Niue

You mightn’t have heard of it, but that’s exactly what makes Niue a must-visit destination. Home to gin-clear waters, verdant palm-filled landscapes, deserted beaches and remarkable natural wonders, this South Pacific gem is still blissfully secluded. Seeking a chilled beach getaway, away from the rest of the world? Find your (almost) private piece of paradise in Niue…

Niue's beautiful BEACHES
The South Pacific island feels as if it’s in a world of its own

Small island, big heart

You won’t be fighting for the best sunbathing spot in Niue. With a population of just over 1,600 and only 14 charming villages, this tiny island is actually one of the smallest countries in the world.

You also won’t need a GPS here. At just 260 square kilometres, the tropical paradise is easy enough to navigate on the back of a bike. And that’s just how we like it! 

Don't leave Niue without hitting the water
Don’t leave Niue without hitting the water

Underwater wonders

A stand-out reason for visiting Niue is its shockingly turquoise surrounds. The world’s largest raised coral atoll, the island is blessed with some of the world’s clearest waters – we’re talking up to 100 metres of water visibility, here.

Thanks to a lack of rivers and lakes, Niue never has any sediment. Unsurprisingly, snorkelling, swimming and diving is big here, with plenty of fascinating underwater sights on offer. Our advice? Don’t miss exploring Niue’s whimsical caves (there are also amazing above-water options that are definitely worth adding to your must-see list). Featuring magical stalactites and turquoise waters, these beauties are easily accessible but eco-friendly tours are also available for couples wanting to make the most of their Niue adventure. Top spots for water-babies include the other-worldly Avaiki Cave, the unique Matapa Chasm and the pristine Limu Pools. 

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Whale Sharks Niue
Tick off magical once-in-a-lifetime experiences for a holiday you’ll never forget

You can swim with whales here

Niue is one of the only places on Earth where you can swim with humpback whales – that alone is enough reason to start packing your bags, if you ask us. The gentle giants pass through the island’s surrounding waters between July and October to nurse their young, creating a spectacle that truly tugs at the heartstrings.

An array of local tour groups will help you get up close, but if you prefer to watch from a (slight) distance there are also pinch-me-know whale-watching tours available. However you choose to see these magnificent creatures, make sure you do! 

Laid Back Niue
Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, away from the crowds – photography Dean Miller

The island is still relatively undiscovered

Ask around – do you know of anyone who’s visited this dreamy South Pacific island? Ideal for those that want to avoid the usual tourist traps and their crowds, Niue feels incredibly laid-back.

It’s mostly intrepid travellers seeking something new that set their sights for the island and they’re certainly onto something good. Sumptuous waterfront accommodation, super-friendly locals, exotic flavours and spellbinding sunsets – there’s so much to love about this heavenly destination. 

Niue boasts plenty of enchantment for romance-seekers
Niue boasts plenty of enchantment for romance-seekers

Life is blissfully simple

Living on ‘island time’ is a real thing in Niue and it’s something you’ll come to wholeheartedly love. Adding to the romance of it all, the island has no traffic lights and no crowds. We’ll say that again – no traffic lights and no crowds.

The perfect place to kick back, unwind and reconnect with each other, this captivating destination feels as if it’s in a world of its own; a world you really won’t want to leave. 

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