The Top Souqs in Oman for Authentic Shopping Experiences

Mutra Souq Textiles, Oman

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Oman’s rich culture and heritage, visiting one of its traditional souqs (or souks, as they are also known) is a must. These open-air marketplaces offer a unique and charming experience where you can find diverse, authentic traditional items.

Whether you’re looking for gifts to take back home or want to explore the local culture, the souqs in Oman have something for everyone. You’ll be spoiled for choice, from world-famous frankincense to artisan pots to clothes, silver and gold jewellery, and wooden crafts, Omani Khanjars and Omani Halwa (sweets), Oman’s souqs are literal treasure troves of authentic souvenirs.

Make sure to add a visit to one of these spectacular souqs to your itinerary and get ready to get lost in their charm.

Here are the Top Five Souqs in Oman to add to your Oman holiday or honeymoon itinerary!

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