Thrilling adventures for your 2018 travel diary

In Adventure & Discovery by The H4C Team

Looking to challenge yourself in 2018? Thinking of making your New Year’s Resolution about being more adventurous? We’ve found some seriously spectacular experiences to add to your travel diary. 

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The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge – credit: © Valentin Flauraud

Walk the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Switzerland

If you like your nature with a side of heart-stopping thrills, head to the Swiss Alps. Floating a lofty 85 metres above the Grabengufer ravine near Zermatt, the recently opened Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is the world’s longest pedestrian bridge, completing part of the famous Europaweg trail. Crossing the 500-metre-long construction isn’t for the faint of heart: the narrow wooden-grate walkway is see-through and it’s only 65 centimetres wide, so you can forget walking hand-in-hand with your beloved. Braving the challenge, however, will reward you with (quite literally) breathtaking views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and the Bernese Alps, a sight that can make even the most stoic become misty-eyed.  

Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave

Discover the world’s largest cave in Vietnam

If the Batcave did exist, we’re pretty sure it’d be the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam’s Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. This mysterious cavern has its own weather system and jungle, and was only discovered in 1990. It’s open to a limited number of visitors each year, so tickets sell fast. But with mammoth stalagmites and stalactites and enough space to fit a 747 jet inside, it’s one for the bucket list. Oxalis Adventure Tours runs trips between January and August – you’ll need to be able to trek 50km to take part.

Challenge yourselves with the Global Scavenger – credit: William Chalmers

Take part in the Global Scavenger Hunt

If arriving in a foreign country with no idea where to go or what to do next sounds like your idea of a good time, the Global Scavenger Hunt (13 April to 5 May, 2018) is for you. Like The Amazing Race without the TV cameras, this 23-day event sees a select group of participants travel to 10 countries, taking part in culturally oriented challenges. Where it differs to the show is it’s not so much of a race, but a challenge similar to a European auto rally. A stop-and-go experience broken up into legs, the hunt involves participants completing as many optional scavenges as they like while in their current destination (the itinerary is secret but past destinations include Reykjavik, Liverpool and New York)… then, of course, it’s on to the next!  

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