Top 10 Destinations in The World For Romantic Proposals

Cappadocia, Turkey

Looking for a creative way to pop the question? Destination weddings might be big right now, but a destination proposal is also sure to make for touching memories! Curious but don’t know where to start? Start planning a holiday to one of these super-romantic destinations for a marriage proposal you’ll really treasure forever…they are bound to say yes with any of these romantic locations as a proposal backdrop!

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Italy's  Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

Terraced pastel-hued houses cascading down a rugged cliff to sparkling, sun-kissed waters – it’s hard to resist the pure romance of Italy’s Cinque Terre. A time-forgotten coastal locale in the destination’s north, it’s a haven for those seeking a taste of la dolce vita.

With such an idyllic setting, you’re spoiled for choices when it comes to dreamy proposal spots. Pop the question after sharing an intimate candlelit dinner overlooking the coast, while admiring the scene from an old-world fishing boat or wandering along the waterfront at sunset – who could possibly say no?

Maui, Hawaii is a great place to propose
Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

If tropical isles are more your thing, pretty much any of Hawaii’s spectacular islands offer the perfect setting. A winner for luxe stays, adventurous experiences and captivating scenery, Maui is a go-to for a reason. 

Thrill-seekers, win over your sweetheart with a day of exploring pristine national parks (a proposal under a majestic waterfall is sure to make for magical memories!), hitting the surf or discovering Maui’s volcanos on a helicopter tour. After something a little more simple, but still from-the-heart? Watch the sky fade from pink to orange and enjoy the frangipani-scented ocean breezes in one of the many beachfront parklands. Or, organise a laid-back beach picnic… maybe with a surprise traditional Hawaiian musical performance in the background!

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Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Obvious statement of the day – Slovenia’s Lake Bled seems straight out of an enchanting folk tale. Here, the spellbinding Julian Alps and emerald-green hills (with a castle, no less) tower over calm waters and a tiny forest-topped isle. Picturesque, no?

There are plenty of amazing experiences to be had in this beautiful spot – from visiting the quaint Bled Island and exploring the 1,000-year-old Lake Bled Castle to hiking up to Mala Osojnica (you’ll be rewarded with extraordinary views). Our advice? Up the romance with a traditional rowboat ride on the lake before asking the big question – serious The Notebookvibes!

To Sua Trench, Samoa
To Sua Trench, Samoa


Thinking of getting away to a tropical island but want to avoid the crowds? Escape with your sweetheart to the South Pacific oasis of Samoa. Blessed with marvellous natural wonders, sumptuous stays and fantastic culture, it’s a top destination for getting yourselves in relaxed holiday-mode – great for popping the question!

Arguably Samoa’s most stunning spot, otherworldly To Sua Trench seems too gorgeous to be real. A natural swimming hole filled with crystalline waters and surrounded by jade rainforest, it offers a fantastic mix of adventure and romance. Of course, a sunset cruise, walk along the beach or waterfront dinner would be enough to impress us!

The Maldives is one of the most romantic places on earth
The Maldives

The Maldives

If you’re looking to really go all-out, the Maldives is a clear winner. A collection of postcard-ready islands scattered across shockingly azure waters (many of which are glamorous private island resorts), this world-famous destination seems made for proposals!

The opportunities are seemingly endless here for those planning on asking the important question. Whether you envision a private sunset dinner on a deserted sandbank, a chilled scenic cruise at twilight, drinks under a full moon or even a meal under the water’s surface (there’s an outstanding underwater restaurant here), you’ll find it all in the Maldives.

Roy's Peak Track, New Zealand
Roy’s Peak Track, New Zealand

Roy’s Peak Track, New Zealand

For something a little bit different, set your sights for New Zealand’s Roy’s Peak Track. Located close to Wanaka in the destination’s south island, it’s where you’ll come across truly breathtaking views – think grand snow-capped peaks, a magnificent lake and vast wilderness.

Adventure-seekers and nature-lovers will be impressed by the track, which weaves its way through tussock grasslands and up an incredible mountain. Walking the track takes around five to six hours (avid-hikers, this one’s for you), but you can also take your love to new heights when you hitch a ride on a helicopter to the summit – how’s that for an epic proposal?

Visit  Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

If your sweetheart is admittedly a little fairytale-obsessed, they’ll fall for the charming Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany’s Bavaria. Surrounded by the imposing German Alps and dense forest, this whimsical medieval-style monument was actually the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Just try to not feel like royalty when walking around the castle’s delightful grounds!

Ask the question at Neuschwanstein’s steps while looking out to the astounding setting below – unforgettable. Or, top off a day of exploring the castle with hot chocolate at one of the cafes at the base of the mountain. 

Propose to your love in a hot air balloon in Turkey!
Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

A brilliant destination that’s flooded our Insta feeds, Cappadocia in central Turkey will excite intrepid travellers and romantics. Known for its unique cone-shaped rock formations and deep valleys, it’s like nowhere else on Earth. 

The thing to do here, easily, is watching the skies fill with almost countless hot-air balloons as day fades into night. Book a ride on one for a wonderful ‘how they asked’ story, or indulge in a mouthwatering Turkish feast and be swept up in the beauty of it all from one of the local restaurant’s rooftops. 

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Paris, France, is a great place to propose.
Paris, France

Paris, France

Ah, Paris – of course we had to mention The City of Love! Synonymous with romance, this undeniably pretty city will make anyone feel totally loved-up. The historic buildings, the winding cobblestone streets, the blossom-filled gardens, the cosy bistros – what’s not to love?

Obvious proposal spots include under the Eiffel Tower, at the steps of Sacre Coeur and outside The Louvre (they’re still terrific options, though). If you’re seeking somewhere different, keep things simple with a leisurely stroll along Montmartre’s straight-from-a-watercolour-painting streets, sipping wine in a mood-lit bar, enjoying a picnic by the Seine or while admiring the tree-lined avenues of the Palais Royal Gardens. *Sigh* J’aime Paris

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New York Skyline
New York City, USA

New York City, USA

It’s featured in too many rom-coms to count, but New York City still remains an excellent destination for popping the question. It’s just so… iconic!

Channel your inner silver screen stars and visit the world-famous Central Park, watch the skyline glitter while walking along the Brooklyn Bridge, feel on top of the world at the Empire State Building’s peak or go ice-skating at Rockefeller Plaza (if you time it right). After something slightly less obvious? Check out the elevated greenery-filled High Line park (it used to be a New York Central Railroad spur), toast the occasion at a rooftop hangout or relax in the Met Cloisters’ leafy gardens at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Feature image from the real-life engagement of Claudia and Kaan, photographer by Chris and Jen Likins. Sourced via

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