Tips From The Experts For Your Japan Holiday or Honeymoon~ What to Do & See

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Visit the famous floating Torii gate in Miyajima, a short ferry from Hiroshima

It’s something of a delightful travel dilemma. Springtime cherry blossoms or powder-perfect winter snow? Summer fireworks and tropical beaches or a blazing golden sea of autumn leaves? Japan’s eclectic mix of ancient traditions and modern, big-city fun will ignite your imagination year-round for a romantic getaway or memorable stopover. With captivating adventure, culture, and cuisine around every corner, this all-season escape is even better when you discover it together. But what should you see and do when you visit Japan?

Whether you’re planning your first trip or looking to delve deeper into Japan’s many treasures, a little local knowledge is always welcome to make sure you get the most from your Japan holiday or honeymoon! Which is why we turned to Australia’s leading Asia specialist, Wendy Wu Tours to find out the must-see and do highlights. After all, chances are you’ll only have a limited number of days so naturally you want to make the most of your time in Japan!

Bring on the next Japan sojourn with these fantastic tips about Japan’s must-see and must-do highlights …

 Cherry blossoms over Mt Fuji
Cherry blossoms over Mt Fuji

Tailor-made for two

With over 25 years organising travel here, the team at Wendy Wu Tours knows Japan back to front – from seasonal highlights and swanky hotels to traditional hidden gems and ‘must see’ local eateries. And they’re always on the hunt for more ways to enrich your travel experience. Their highly experienced local guides are a passionate bunch, all born and raised in Japan and genuinely excited to share their beloved homeland. Here are their top tips for a tailor-made Japan adventure…

Experience Tokyo’s busiest street crossing in Shibuya

For a romantic trip or honeymoon

Begin or end your trip in the buzzing, future-fabulous capital, Tokyo. Its glittering skyline and five-star hotels are a rush, but you can also seek a slower pace and discover the city’s rich cultural heart, dating back to the Edo era. If you’re travelling in summer, look out for the city’s famous Samida River Fireworks. Recharge from your Tokyo adventures with a side trip to Hakone. This picture-perfect escape is a popular weekend destination for locals, with a cable car, natural hot springs and views across Lake Ashinoko to nearby Mt Fuji. Or try Karuizawa, a pretty resort town known for its hot springs and leisure pursuits, an hour east of Tokyo. And of course, romantic travel to Japan wouldn’t be complete without catching the bullet train and exploring the serene temples and zen gardens of sublime Kyoto.

For nature lovers

Experience the sublime seasons of Japan. Tick cherry blossom season off your bucket list or marvel at the gold and crimson tide of autumn when the ‘fall foliage’ is utterly spectacular. The Sapporo Snow Festival is perfect for ski bunnies while animal lovers will love the chance to spot free roaming deer in Nara Park or meet the fascinating snow monkeys of Yudanaka. To really experience serenity, head to the iconic Arashiyama Bamboo Grove or take a boat ride from Hiroshima to Miyajima Island: a UNESCO World Heritage site known as the ‘Island of the Gods’. Round off your trip by blissing out at Kabira Bay in Okinawa — one of the most beautiful tropical beaches in Japan. Japan and beaches? Who knew!

Get lost in the bamboo groves of Arashiyama

For culture discovery

Japan is rich in cultural sites and ancient treasures, but Kyoto still reigns supreme. It was Japan’s capital for 1,000 years and beloved for its Buddhist temples, zen gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and ancient wooden houses. Another must-do is spending the night in a ryokan: a centuries-old style of guesthouse where you can sleep on futons and tatami mats, dine on traditional cuisine, and bathe in the restorative waters of an onsen. Want to try something new? Cultural activities abound — think washi paper making, zen meditation, soba noodle making, and tea ceremonies. Crazy about castles? Japan has some beauties, including the dramatic Matsumota Castle outside Tokyo, beautiful Osaka Castle, and the elegant hilltop splendour of Himeji Castle in the south, a world heritage-listed survivor of the feudal era.

Step off the tourist path

If you’re already familiar with some of Japan’s highlights, consider a fresh adventure. Explore some of the tranquil, lesser-known islands that feel worlds away from bustling Tokyo or Osaka. The South Island of Kyushu is home to beautiful wildlife and steaming hot springs while a memorable cultural experience awaits in Hokkaido and Northern Honshu. Look for the ‘Go Beyond’ tours for a range of off-the-beaten-track experiences.

Meet the locals in the steaming hot springs
Discover the beautiful Osaka Castle

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