Open Air Adventure: Bamurru Plains, Swim Creek Station, NT

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There’s something wildly seductive about reclining in a sumptuous ‘swag’ observing the natural world through opaque mesh walls.

Couples awaken to pink-tinged dawns and a one-way wildlife panorama of grazing agile wallabies and water buffalo while correllas flutter like snow-flakes. Set on the edge of the Mary River floodplain, nine discreet habitats fan out from the lodge where sophisticated hunter/gatherer cuisine is presented throughout the day. The air boat skims across tall grasses on an aquatic safari to enchanted marine paperbark forests and blushing lily-pad meadows where crocodiles lurk unseen. At sunset couples gather for canapés around the wet-lip pool comparing bird-spotting tallies and wild bush adventures before abandoning dietary willpower over a gourmet dinner of fresh, regional produce and fine wines.

In the candlelight, observing our fellow creatures without forsaking any creature comforts can be tantalisingly voyeuristic! Discover more about Bamurru Plains.