Why You’ll Love a Honeymoon in Cape Town ~ Complete Travel Guide

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Cape Town, the “Mother City” situated between the stunning Table Mountain and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, is an unforgettable destination for honeymooners and couples of all ages seeking a romantic and exciting getaway. With its lovely beaches, friendly locals, reasonable prices, diverse culture, and fantastic cuisine, Cape Town has something for everyone. Here, we’ve outlined everything you need to know to plan a honeymoon or vacation to South Africa’s vibrant Cape Town.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, gourmet delights, relaxation, or want to soak up the beauty of nature, Cape Town truly has it all. Let’s dive into the many reasons why you’ll love a romantic getaway or honeymoon in beautiful Cape Town …

Thriving Food & Drink Scene

Known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, Cape Town has emerged in recent years as South Africa’s culinary capital with a unique food scene due to its authentic and locally grown produce and innovative chefs. Influenced by the global farm-to-table movement, Cape Town’s gastronomy prioritises using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Visitors to Cape Town can expect a wide range of dining options, from trendy cafes serving artisanal coffee and pastries to posh seafood restaurants and fine dining establishments offering innovative tasting menus. You could be here for a month and not dine at the same place twice; that’s how many great restaurants are in this culinary hotspot. The bar scene is also spectacular, with intimate cocktail bars serving an inventive list of signature drinks.

The city is also known for its vibrant street food culture, with food trucks and vendors offering a variety of delicious and affordable dishes. With its stunning natural landscapes as a backdrop, enjoying a meal in Cape Town is not just about the food but also the overall experience.

For wine enthusiasts, Cape Town offers the perfect opportunity to explore South Africa’s world-renowned wine regions. There’s something for every taste, from wine produced in the neighbouring regions of Constantia, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to gin distilleries and craft breweries.

Beautiful Beaches

Clifton 4th Beach, Cape Town
Clifton 4th Beach, Cape Town

Cape Town is fortunate to have gorgeous beaches to satisfy even the fussiest beach-goer. One of the most popular beaches among both locals and visitors is Clifton 4th Beach (there are four Clifton beaches and they are all stunning). It features white sand as fine as powder and calm, turquoise waters. This beach provides an ideal setting to unwind, bask in the sun, and take in the breathtaking views of Table Mountain.

If you’re seeking an unusual beach experience, consider visiting Boulder’s Beach, where you can interact with adorable and cuddly penguins at close range. Situated near the historic Simon’s Town, Boulders Beach is a 40-minute drive from Cape Town’s city centre, making it a great day out.

Affordable Prices

Are you curious if Cape Town is budget-friendly for honeymooners? The answer is a resounding yes compared to other popular destinations worldwide. The South African currency, the Rand, is generally weaker than many different currencies, making the country an economical choice for visitors from Europe, Oceania, or North America. A favourable exchange rate makes everything from food to activities more accessible and affordable.

With a range of accommodation options, affordable dining choices, and plenty of free or low-cost activities, Cape Town is a destination that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. For example, non-South African residents’ admission to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens costs R200 (approx $10), and exploring Table Mountain and the sandy beaches is free.

Access to Wine Country and Game Reserves

Stellenbosch vineyards in South Africa

As a gateway to the Cape Winelands and wildlife reserves, Cape Town provides the perfect opportunity to extend your honeymoon and explore all the region offers.

The Cape Winelands, with its world-renowned vineyards, offers wine lovers the chance to indulge in tastings and discover the rich flavours of the local produce. The picturesque landscapes of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek provide a perfect backdrop for romantic walks and breathtaking views.

For an extraordinary adventure, venture to game reserves like Kruger National Park, where you can witness the Big Five and stay in luxury safari lodges.

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Things to Do in Cape Town

Table Mountain: A Majestic Icon


Almost everything in Cape Town lives in the shadow of the iconic Table Mountain. This flat-topped mountain is a symbol of the city and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

One of the highlights of Cape Town is exploring the iconic Table Mountain by hiking to the summit. The views from the top are simply breathtaking and provide a unique perspective of the city. But, if you prefer a less strenuous option, you can take the cable car and enjoy the stunning views without the exhausting effort.

V&A Waterfront


From cultural landmarks such as the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) to more leisurely pursuits such as a sunset cruise on one of the chartered boats berthed here, V&A Waterfront is a place you will want to visit multiple times. With many great restaurants enjoying spectacular ocean views, lunch or dinner here is a special occasion.

Bo-Kaap: A Colorful Haven

Bo Kaap Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most colourful neighbourhoods in the world, Bo-Kaap is a must-visit destination in Cape Town. Formerly known as the Malay Quarter, this vibrant area is characterised by its heritage and rainbow-coloured houses.

Stroll through the photogenic streets, immerse yourself in the history, and capture the perfect shot for your Instagram feed. The best part? Exploring Bo-Kaap won’t cost you a dime.

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Oranjezicht City Farm Market: A Feast for the Senses


Cape Town has recently opened a fantastic farmers’ market in Granger Bay called Oranjezicht. The market on the waterfront is open on Saturdays and Sundays (and Wednesday evenings in summer), offering stunning ocean views.

This lively market brings together local farmers, artisans, and food vendors, providing fresh produce, street food, and unique handicrafts. You can taste everything from fresh oysters and barbecue to pumpkin flapjacks with cashew cream and vegan desserts.

Remember to explore the market’s handwoven baskets and indigo-dyed caftans, perfect for bringing back a piece of Cape Town’s vibrant culture.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens: Nature’s Oasis


Set at the foot of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is a haven of natural beauty. With over 7,000 plant species, including unique flora found only in this part of the world, the gardens offer a serene escape from the bustling city. Admire the fynbos, proteas, cycads, and fragrant flower beds as you explore the beautifully manicured grounds. Don’t miss the picturesque Tree Canopy Walkway, known as the “Boomslang,” and pack a picnic to enjoy on the manicured lawns.

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Robben Island


A visit to Robben Island is a must when honeymooning in Cape Town. This island is known for its wretched history, as it was the place where Nelson Mandela spent a significant portion of his prison sentence.

Despite its dark history, Robben Island has become a popular tourist destination and is now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A tour of the island allows visitors to explore various historical sites, such as the leper graveyard, the lime quarry where political prisoners were forced to work, army and navy bunkers, and the Maximum Security Prison. However, the tour’s highlight is undoubtedly a visit to Nelson Mandela’s cell, which visitors eagerly anticipate.

Gastronomic Delights – Where to Dine and Drink in Cape Town

La Colombe in Constantia was awarded the Restaurant of the Year 2023 By Eat Out Awards. An institution on South Africa’s fine-dining scene, it has been a consistent award winner, both locally and internationally, offering a menu executed with impeccable precision and attention to detail.

FYN restaurant has been selected to join Relais & Châteaux, the prestigious global association of 5-star hotels and two & three-star Michelin restaurants recognised for their exceptional cuisine and hospitality. Sitting in a cavernous industrial space in the city’s heart, this is one of Cape Town’s most adventurous restaurants serving kaiseki-style multi-course menus.

Salsify at the Roundhouse
Salsify at the Roundhouse

Salsify at the Roundhouse is one of Capetown’s finest dining destinations with an exemplary menu and an unpretentious and playful Chef’s 10-course degustation menu of restrained deliciousness. Housed in a 1700s guardhouse in Camps Bay with gorgeous ocean views, this should be on your dining hit list.

Cocktail Bars

The Art of Duplicity is a hidden bar, with little more on its website than a link to book a table with a unique password. Step inside the secret venue within a Victorian warehouse and immerse in the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties Prohibition. The bartenders and vintage decor look the part, and the cocktails are among the best in the city. Head down on a Friday or Saturday night for live jazz to immerse yourself in this bygone era.

The Drinkery

Located within a former slave prison on Heritage Square, The Drinkery is part gallery, part cocktail bar. The drinks menu opens with a list of Experiential Cocktails followed by a list of Highballs and a selection of classics. Wine is also a focus here, with a well-curated list of some of the best that South Africa has to offer.

The House of Machines

The House of Machines is an actual motorbike shop, but it’s also a cocktail bar and one worth visiting, even if you are not interested in bikes. It’s also a coffee shop, a menswear store selling exclusive items of modern clothing, a gig venue, a restaurant and a craft beer specialist. It’s worth checking out while you’re in town.

Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen

This Cape Town venue has a menu of bold and expertly crafted drinks. Sustainability runs through the entire offering, with closed-loop ingredients being reused and adapted into new elements. They also use an utterly waterless system, chilling each drink without using ice. The bartender’s uniforms are lab coats, which adds to the ambience.

Honeymoon-Worthy Hotels: Where to Stay in Cape Town

In Cape Town, you can find a range of honeymoon-worthy accommodations offering luxury and comfort. A few of our favourites include:

Ellerman House

Ellerman House
Ellerman House

Nestled in Bantry Bay and just a 10-minute drive from the V&A Waterfront, Ellerman House is an idyllic retreat for honeymooners visiting Cape Town. This haven of tranquillity offers barefoot luxury amidst lush lawns adorned with a private South African art collection. Boasting 11 rooms, two suites, and two private villas, each space provides breathtaking views and indulges guests with complimentary minibars.

The culinary journey at Ellerman House is a highlight, featuring delectable creations by Chef Veronica Canha–Hibbert, complemented by owner Paul Harris’s curated wine collection. This culinary experience encapsulates the essence of South African hospitality in the distinctive style of Relais & Chateaux. Ellerman House offers discerning couples a curated perfection that defines an unforgettable stay in Africa’s beautiful Cape.

The Belmond, Mount Nelson

The Belmond Mount Nelson Exterior

Cape Town’s iconic ‘Nellie’, a grand dame with a rich history dating back to 1899, is a remarkable oasis in the heart of the city.

As you approach the hotel, you are greeted by a palm-lined driveway that leads to beautifully landscaped lawns adorned with stunning works of art. The hotel boasts two pools and tennis courts, providing guests with plenty of recreational options.

What truly sets this venerable hotel apart is its sense of place and its prime location between Table Mountain and the Company’s Gardens. With its distinctive pink exterior, the ‘Nellie’ has been an emblem of peace since 1918, symbolising the end of World War I. The Belmond, Mount Nelson promises couples a stay surrounded by history, grandeur and true timeless luxury.

The Silo

The Silo, a luxury hotel located in the V&A Waterfront, is a true masterpiece in design and aesthetics. Situated on top of a former grain silo, this six-floor hotel offers breathtaking views of Cape Town and convenient access to the Zeitz MOCAA, a world-renowned Museum of Contemporary African Art. As guests step inside, they are immediately surrounded by vibrant artworks from the museum collection, creating a truly immersive experience.

The hotel’s interiors are stylish and sophisticated, creating a sense of luxury and comfort. The rooftop pool provides a tranquil oasis for guests to unwind and soak in the beautiful surroundings. And for those looking to enjoy a night out, the glamorous bar offers a perfect setting to relax and indulge in a refreshing drink or two.

Other worthy contenders for a top honeymoon stay include Gorgeous George, The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa, and Ellerman House.

Need to Know Travel Tips for Cape Town:

Language: South Africa boasts eleven official languages, but English is the most commonly spoken one in Cape Town. Afrikaans and Xhosa are also widely used.

Currency: The currency used in South Africa is the Rand. Most retailers and restaurants accept debit cards as payment, while credit cards and banks are also prevalent.

Climate: Cape Town has a comfortable climate with low humidity. The summers in Cape Town can get hot, but they are not overly muggy. Winters in Cape Town are chilly, with cool ocean winds blowing in from the southeast.

The best times to visit Cape Town are from October to November when springtime is in full bloom, or from December to February, when the days are at their longest and warmest. During these months, visitors can enjoy the beautiful weather and participate in various outdoor activities.

What to Pack for a Cape Town Honeymoon

When packing for your trip to Cape Town, it’s crucial to consider the time of year you plan to visit. Even during spring and summer, the weather can be unpredictable, especially when the legendary south-easterly wind, the Cape Doctor, blows up a gale. Pack a light jacket to ensure you are prepared for any unexpected weather. Here are some other items that you may need to bring along with you:

Clothing: Choose light, comfortable clothes such as cotton T-shirts, shorts, long pants and dresses. Remember to bring a lightweight jacket or sweater for cooler evenings. Layer, layer, layer, so you are prepared for any weather contingency.

Footwear: Bring comfortable, closed-toe shoes for walking, hiking, and exploring, and also a pair of sandals for the beach.

Sun protection: Pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock to protect yourself from the intense sun in Cape Town.

Toiletries: Remember the basic toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner.

Medications: Bring any prescription medication you need, and consider bringing over-the-counter remedies for common ailments.

Swimwear: Remember to pack swimwear if you plan to visit the beach or pool.

Tip: If you are heading to Cape Town and have the time, why not drive the Garden Route with this six-day itinerary?

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