The Best Things to Do in Maui for Couples

Wailea Beach Resort Maui

Maui is known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, making it the ideal retreat for couples seeking romance and adventure. When it comes to things to do in Maui for couples, the list is endless. Whether exploring long stretches of beach on horseback or tasting local delicacies, Maui offers a range of activities to suit every couple’s needs. Here are some of the best things couples can do and see when visiting Maui.

Sunrise at Haleakala

Sunrise in Haleakala - Maui Hawaii

For an unforgettable start to the day, couples should venture to the summit of Mt. Haleakala to witness a breathtaking sunrise. Arrive at the Haleakala Visitors Center at least 30 minutes before the sun is set to rise to ensure a prime spot. Bring warm clothes and waterproofs, as with the mountain peak at 10,023 feet, the weather can be cold and unpredictable.

Bringing a blanket to share and a flashlight or headlamp to navigate the darkness is also recommended. Make sure your cameras and phones are fully charged to capture the sunrise in total – it will be one of the most beautiful sunrises you’ll ever see!

After it’s risen, you’ll notice the incredible views of the craters and unique landscape, which only adds to the magical experience. A reservation is required for sunrise viewing; secure this in advance to guarantee access.

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Experience a Traditional Luau

Luau performers in Maui Hawaii

Attending a Hawaiian luau offers couples a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii. Expect to be greeted with the spirit of aloha, beginning a wonderful evening. Traditional Hawaiian music fills the air, setting the stage for various live performances celebrating Polynesian history and mythology through song and dance. The highlight is often the hula dancers, whose motions tell timeless stories of love and nature.

As the sun sets, guests can indulge in the flavours of Kalua pig, roasted in an earth oven, and poi, made from the native taro plant, among other delicious island cuisines. There are several luaus available on Maui, making it easy to find one you’ll be able to enjoy, but a popular one is Old Lahaina Lūʻau.

Horseback Tours:

Horseback riding in Maui Hawaii

Maui offers couples the opportunity to take part in horseback riding. Whether you want the intimacy of a private ride across the winding Maui hills or a shared experience with a group ride, couples have plenty of choices.

Situated on the north shore, Mendes Ranch is one option worth exploring. This family-owned and operated ranch provides morning and afternoon trail rides that take you along the valley’s periphery to the coastline, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific and numerous opportunities for Instagram-worthy moments.

Thrilling Zipline Adventures

zipline or zip line on a hill in Maui Hawaii

On the more adventurous side of things, this is an exhilarating experience above the stunning landscapes.

North Shore Zipline offers a popular choice for duos seeking this type of activity. You can navigate through canopies and pass over canyons, all while securely harnessed. Each zip line has its thrill, with the grand finale often boasting the longest and fastest line, leading to an exhilarating end to your adventure.

Unwind at Maui Spas

Couple Spa

Maui’s spas offer couples a serene escape for shared relaxation, featuring various treatments designed to soothe and rejuvenate the body. At Zensations Spa in the island’s north, choose from deep tissue massages to traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massages.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Kapalua, provides Hawaiian-rooted spa treatments, including authentic lomilomi massages and rejuvenating Hawaiian healing treatments. Many therapies incorporate natural ingredients such as pineapple, papaya, kukui oil, coconut, pumpkin, and blueberry into their spa products.

For a romantic experience, couples can enjoy a massage at Awili Spa in Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort. This 14,000-square-foot spa includes a private adults-only pool, an apothecary blend bar, a retail area, and a fitness facility. The property features three outdoor infinity pools.

Great Dining Options for Couples

Maui isn’t just a spot of natural beauty; it also has a culinary scene rich in flavours and aromas that will cause your tastebuds to water. A taste of local cuisine becomes a delightful exploration into the island’s diverse cultural influences, especially with its locally sourced ingredients.

At the heart of this foodie experience, you’ll find Tobi’s Poke & Shave Ice in Paia. This restaurant offers a casual yet authentic taste of Hawaii, with freshly cut poke that captures the essence of the island’s cuisine.

For those who favour the vibrant tastes of Southeast Asia, Nutcharee’s presents a menu full of traditional Thai dishes made with a Maui twist. Couples can taste the blend of spices and herbs, eating unique meals unlike anything they’ve ever tried.

While Maui boasts numerous delectable dining options, Mama’s Fish House stands out as one of the most celebrated restaurants on the island. A helpful tip: Secure reservations well in advance, as they tend to be fully booked up to six months ahead.

Another excellent dining experience is the Bamboo Hale Cafe at Hana Farms, established in 1996 as a roadside fruit and vegetable stand along the renowned Road to Hana. These days, it’s a very established outlet that includes a working farm, marketplace, and bakery on eastern Maui. The spotlight is on their wood-fired pizzas, featuring locally grown Maui produce, meat, and herbs.

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Maui Food trucks

You can’t visit Maui without trying the local food from many of their food trucks. Situated in Makena, in the island’s south, you’ll find Jawz Fish Tacos, which combines California-Mexican foods and local dishes.

If you’re on the island’s east coast, then Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill is worth visiting. This food truck is known for its large servings of meat and fish packed with Hawaiian flavours.

Discover Secret Beaches

Makena Cove

Makena Cove Maui

Makena Cove, also known as Secret Beach, is a hidden gem situated south of Big Beach and Little Beach in Makena State Park. Adjacent to high-end homes, it is discreetly nestled between residential areas, shielded by a stone wall, providing visitors with a sense of exploration.

Despite its proximity to well-known beach destinations in South Maui, Makena Cove offers a tranquil and secluded atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for couples to enjoy a day in paradise. While many tourists are familiar with the nearby Makena Beach, only a few venture into this stunning enclave, where volcanic rock meets the sea in a breathtaking display. The waves are awe-inspiring, the crowds are minimal, and the allure of adventure is palpable. Opt for a mid-week sunset visit, and you might even have the entire place to yourself, relishing in its serene beauty.

HOW TO GET THERE: It may be called Secret Beach, but getting there isn’t a mystery — if you know where to look. Here’s how to find Makena Cove: The beach lies around 10 minutes (or just under 4 miles) south of the Wailea resort district. First, drive South on Makena Road. Then, find a break in the lava rock wall at these approximate coordinates: 20.626894 and -156.442997 (enter the coordinates into your Google Maps search). If your mapping app can’t read the coordinates, Makena Cove lies directly across the street from the house at 6925 Makena Road.

Oneloa Beach

Oneloa Beach

For a serene beach experience in Kapalua, consider Oneloa Beach, also known as Ironwoods Beach. This quarter-mile north-facing stretch, just south of Hana Bay, is often uncrowded despite its accessibility and unique features.

This beach is less crowded possibly because the first section of the beach you walk onto is not ideal for swimming due to a rocky shelf beneath the waves – and if you didn’t know better, you may not look further. However, if you walk towards the left end of the beach, conditions are usually more favourable, with a consistently sandy bottom that provides good swimming opportunities. The northern side of the beach offers fantastic spots to enjoy both sunrise and sunset views. During winter, you might have the chance to see humpback whales and sea turtles in the area.

Extend your experience by walking the Kapalua Coastal Trail to Makaluapuna Point, revealing the unique Dragon’s Teeth lava-rock formations and the Kapalua Labyrinth. This path offers superb coastal views, enhancing your turtle- and seasonal whale-watching opportunities.

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive along the Honoapiilani Highway towards Kapalua. Make a left turn onto Office Road – follow it to the end. Once you hit the end of the road, hang a left onto Lower Honoapiilani Road. You’ll come to an intersection where you’ll see Ridge Road on your left, and Ironwood Lane on your right. Make a right turn into Ironwood Lane, where you’ll see a parking lot and the blue beach access sign that marks the picturesque paved walkway to the beach.

Honokalani Beach

Honokalani Beach Maui

Nestled just before Hana town, within Waianapanapa State Park, Honokalani Black Sand Beach is a hidden gem visitors often overlook. The beach features jet-black “sand” made up of small, polished lava pebbles, complemented by beautiful black cliffs and vibrant green plants.

The entire beach is embraced by thick, jungle-like foliage and dramatic black lava rock cliffs, offering an ideal setting for photographers. While swimming can be challenging due to rough currents, Honokalani offers more than just a place to bask in the sun. Explorers can venture further past the beach and ascend the cliff for even more breathtaking views of the black sand beach, black cliffs, and the azure waters. The trek is rewarding, providing glimpses of untamed, unspoiled Maui at its finest.

HOW TO GET THERE: Wai’anapanapa State Park, Road to Hana – Mile Marker 32. Follow the sign to the state park and park in one of the two parking lots (the left one is closer to the beach). Look for the stairs leading down to the beach.

Maui Sunset Dinner Cruises:

Embark on a romantic and intimate sunset cruise in Maui, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The island’s picturesque coastline, calm waters, and vibrant hues of the sunset make for a magical backdrop, offering couples a perfect setting to relax and enjoy each other’s company. With options for gourmet dining, live entertainment, and opportunities to capture memorable photographs, a Maui sunset cruise provides a stress-free and celebratory atmosphere.

There’s plenty to choose from on the island, so take your pick and enjoy a truly special experience but keep these few things in mind when planning your romantic sunset cruise:

Reserve in Advance: Book your cruise early to secure a spot, especially during peak season, as this guarantees a table with the perfect sunset views as you dine on the water.

Dress Appropriately: Dress comfortably yet elegantly for the occasion. While some cruises may suggest semi-formal attire, always verify any specific dress codes. Keep an eye on the forecast to dress suitably and decide if you’ll need extra layers or protection from the sea breeze.

Enhance the Moment: Consider extra touches like a bouquet or a special toast to make the evening unforgettable. If you prefer live music, seek options that provide this feature to add an extra special touch.

Helicopter Tours:

Sharing a helicopter tour provides couples with an exhilarating opportunity to witness Maui’s landscapes from a breathtaking viewpoint.

Air Maui Helicopter Tours offers a Hana & Haleakala tour, which lasts around 45 minutes and provides panoramic views of Haleakala Crater, one of the world’s largest dormant volcanoes. Glide over the lush Hana rainforest, witnessing its low valleys and magnificent waterfalls cascading into the sea. The pilot offers insightful narration along the way.

Island Sightseeing

Paia North Shore Maui

Embrace Maui’s Beauty: You and your partner can discover the diverse landscapes of Maui, from the lush Iao Valley to the scenic Road to Hana. Wander together through the Iao Valley State Park, taking in the history and natural tranquillity. Along the Road to Hana, share moments amidst waterfalls, black sand beaches, and verdant rainforests.

Explore Underwater Wonders: For a glimpse of Maui’s marine life, snorkelling at Molokini Crater presents an unforgettable experience. Dive into the clear waters together and swim alongside schools of brightly coloured fish. You might even be lucky and spot a sea turtle!

Stroll Through Upcountry: Venture inland and visit the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm. The fragrant fields offer a serene and colourful setting for a quiet walk, capturing the essence of Maui’s pastoral beauty.

Discover Cultural Heritage: Understand the rich cultural heritage of Maui at the Bailey House Museum. It houses a collection representing the island’s history, including traditional Hawaiian artifacts, such as the cultural tapestries that tell past tales.

Maui’s Main Areas – at a Glance

Here are some of the main areas you need to know to help you get your bearings while planning your romantic getaway or honeymoon in Maui.

Western Maui

Kapalua, an upscale resort in the northwest, features luxury hotels, marine sanctuaries, and two premier golf courses.

Lahaina is a historic centre on the southwest coast that suffered terrible fires in 2023 and is still trying to recover so it’s important to support the businesses in this area if you can.

With three miles of pristine beachfront, the Kaanapali resort area offers various hotels and restaurants.

Upcountry Maui

Encompassing Haleakala National Park, this area includes rustic towns, ranches, and an artists’ community. Upcountry maintains its rural charm, marked by diverse weather and vegetation due to higher elevations.

Southern Maui

Shielded by Haleakala, South Maui includes resort communities like Kihei, Wailea, and Makena, boasting upscale hotels, condominiums, and tourist destinations. With beaches, island views, and attractions like Kihei’s Kalama Beach Park, it offers diverse experiences.

Eastern Maui

Known for its rural character, East Maui features the scenic Hana Highway and towns like Pa’ia and Hana, drawing visitors with lush landscapes and waterfalls.

Central Maui

Housing Kahului Airport, this area includes government offices, residential developments, and agricultural zones focusing on sugar and pineapples.

Featured image (top of page) courtesy of Wailea Beach Resort Maui.

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