17 Awesome Things to Do in Denmark, WA

A Secluded Beach in Denmark, Western Australia

A comprehensive list of all the best things to do in Denmark, Western Australia.

The charming coastal town of Denmark, located in Western Australia, is a stunning oasis of unparalleled natural beauty. Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the Great Southern region, the area offers a diverse range of unique experiences that cater to all types of travellers, whether you are a fan of the beach, a hiking enthusiast, a foodie or an animal lover.

If you love the beach, Denmark’s immaculate shores, white sand, and clear emerald waters provide an Instagram-worthy backdrop for a relaxing day. For those who prefer a more active holiday, the world-renowned Bibbulmun Track offers a challenging yet rewarding hiking experience, meandering through breathtaking natural landscapes. Food and wine enthusiasts can explore the town’s lively gourmet scene, known for locally sourced produce, wines, and exquisite seafood.

Animal lovers are also not left out. The southern forests inland are brimming with diverse wildlife, offering unique bird watching and animal-spotting opportunities. Denmark’s commitment to conservation is evident in its well-maintained natural reserves and parks, providing safe habitats for its native flora and fauna.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the top 17 things to do and see in Denmark, WA, from gourmet experiences to outdoorsy adventures.

Experience the Breathtaking Beauty of Elephant Rocks

One of the most awe-inspiring natural attractions in Denmark is the Elephant Rocks. Named for its strikingly huge rock formations resembling a herd of elephants, this beach is a must-visit for every traveller. The turquoise waters provide an idyllic setting for swimming, while the unique rock formations create an excellent backdrop for snorkelling.

Enjoy Magnificent Views atop Monkey Rock

Monkey Rock is another must-visit spot in Denmark, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. A short yet challenging hike will reward you with a bird’s eye view of the town and its stunning coastline. Safety should always be your priority, so avoid hiking during inclement weather.

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Get Up Close with the Local Fauna at Denmark Animal Farm & Pentland Alpaca Stud

Animal enthusiasts will love visiting the Denmark Animal Farm & Pentland Alpaca Stud. This attraction allows you to interact with various animals, including alpacas, rabbits, kangaroos, and sheep.

Explore the Underwater World at Greens Pool

Greens Pool is located near Elephant Rocks and is an excellent spot for snorkelling. The waters are calm and protected by large granite boulders, which make it an ideal place to observe a wide variety of marine life. Located on the edge of William Bay National Park, Greens Pool is famous for its stunning green turquoise water, white sandy beach, and large granite boulders that surround and protect the pool from the powerful Southern Ocean. It’s a beautiful place to visit all year round, but it is particularly popular in summer.

Walk Among Giants at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Take a walk on the wild side at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, where you can marvel at the ancient tingle trees from a spectacular height. This 600-metre walkway offers a unique perspective of these towering giants, some of which are exclusive to this part of the world.

Savour Local Delights at the Denmark Good Food Factory

Once known as the Denmark Toffee Factory, the Denmark Good Food Factory now offers a broader range of culinary delights, including gourmet sauces, chutneys, and ice cream, alongside their signature toffee.

Located on a beautiful rural property in William Bay, you are invited to stay and enjoy the lovely surroundings, relax in the garden with a refreshing cider, or indulge in the best burgers in the West.

Experience the Thrill of Globeriding at Denmark Thrills Adventure Park

Looking for an exciting activity to add to your Denmark trip? Add Denmark Thrills Adventure Park to your Denmark travel itinerary! They offer a thrilling ride known as globe riding, which involves riding down a hill inside a giant inflatable globe (also known as Hydro-Orbing or Zorbing). This experience is packed with unique and thrilling activities. Plus, they boast the world’s longest Globeriding track!

Denmark Thrills is conveniently located just 3 kilometres from the Denmark CBD, on top of Mount Shadforth, overlooking the beautiful Scotsdale Valley. This is a “get wet” Aussie bucket list experience that you won’t forget.

To ensure you don’t miss out, online bookings are essential.

Uncover the Magic of Waterfall Beach

Waterfall Beach

Waterfall Beach is a hidden gem nestled and a must-see in Denmark, WA. This breathtaking beach is just a few kilometres east of Greens Pool along the bitumen road. It was named after a magnificent waterfall that cascades onto the sandy shore, creating a magical sight that will leave you speechless, especially during the golden hour of sunset.

As you go to Waterfall Beach, the scenic bitumen road will lead you through the lush greenery of William Bay National Park, offering you a glimpse of the stunning natural beauty that awaits you. Once you arrive, you’ll find a convenient car park near the car park for Madfish Bay, making it easy to access this hidden paradise.

During winter, the waterfall courses across the heathland and pours out over the weathered rocks and down to the beach. Once you reach the beach, you can see it carving a channel to the sea.

The beach has gorgeous turquoise waters and is somewhat sheltered. The waterfall is on the far side of the beach, to the left from the car park.

Step Back in Time at the Denmark Historical Museum

The Denmark Historical Museum offers a sneak peek into the town’s rich history. Maintained by the Denmark Historical Society, the museum houses a vast collection of artefacts that narrate the intriguing tales of the town’s past.

Connect with Nature on the Harewood Forest Walk

The Harewood Forest Walk is a charming trail that guides you through a stunning Karri forest. The vibrant wildflowers add a touch of colour to the landscape, especially during spring.

Shop Local and Support the Community

Denmark boasts a vibrant shopping scene with a plethora of boutique stores. Denmark has two major shopping streets – the South Coast Highway and Strickland Street. From locally sourced produce to gift shops and thrift stores, the variety of fabulous boutiques will leave you impressed.

Unwind with a Glass of Wine

Denmark is known as the Great Southern Wine Producing Region. It is the largest wine producing region in mainland Australia and is home to numerous wineries, so it goes without saying that you cannot visit this region without enjoying the stunning wineries! A wine-tasting afternoon is a relaxing way to end a day in this gourmand’s paradise. From simple wine tastings to elaborate wine tours, there is something for every wine lover in Denmark.

The Lakehouse Denmark provides a beautiful setting where you can try estate-grown wines and enjoy a gourmet platter. The platter includes fresh produce from their organic vegetable garden and local producers, showcasing the region’s Vinofood gourmet condiments.

Another great place to enjoy wine-tasting is Rockcliffe Winery, just a short 4km drive from town and spanning 4.3 hectares. It feels like an oasis of greenery amidst the breathtaking beauty of Denmark.

Enjoy a Leisurely Lunch at the Boston Brewing Co

Boston Brewing Co offers a perfect setting to relax with friends over locally brewed beers and delicious food. Known for its beer-tasting paddles and hearty food, this brewery will leave you satisfied.

Bask in the Serenity of Prawn Rock Channel

Prawn Rock Channel is a popular swimming spot in Wilson Inlet accessible by a floating bridge. Situated north of Ocean Beach, it is part of a national biosphere area and is home to diverse fish and bird life, including the iconic Western Australian black swan. The clear waters of the small island offer opportunities for kayaking, fishing, picnicking, biking, and swimming.

Marvel at the Denmark Community Windfarm

The Denmark Community Windfarm is a sight to behold, with its massive wind turbines offering a unique view of the coastline. A walking and bicycle trail allows visitors to get up close to these engineering marvels.

Stand in Awe of the Giant Tingle Tree

Looking through the Giant Tingle Tree

Located just under an hour from Denmark, the Walpole – Nornalup National Park is home to a true wonder of nature – The Giant Tingle Tree. This iconic attraction stands tall with an impressive height, in the heart of the stunning tingle and karri forest. The tree, which is fire-hollowed, is known as the Queen of trees and is an ancient wonder.

Visitors can explore the wilderness and learn about the native plants and animals of this forest on the south coast, all while being protected by the boardwalk around the tree’s base. The Tingle Tree is an incredible sight to behold, as Tingles are the largest girthed eucalyptus trees in the world!

Embark on an Adventure with the Mount Lindesay Trail

The Mount Lindesay Trail is a perfect choice for those seeking a challenging hike. This 10km return hike leads you to the summit of Mount Lindesay, offering spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding scenery.

Interesting Facts about Denmark, Western Australia

How Far is Denmark WA from Perth?

Denmark WA is approximately 420km from Perth, roughly a 4.5-5.5-hour drive.

How Far is Denmark WA from Albany?

Denmark WA is approximately 54km from Albany, roughly a 40-50 minute drive.

How Far is Denmark WA from Margaret River?

Denmark WA is approximately 320km from Margaret River, roughly a 3.5-4 hour drive.

Is Denmark WA worth visiting?

Certainly! Denmark, WA is a destination that you must visit as it offers a wide range of unique experiences. From the rugged wilderness of tall tree forests and tiny, knee-high wildflowers to the emerald green lagoons and stunning beaches, to the charming town with its delightful food and wine, there are plenty of things to see and do in Denmark, WA!

Why is Denmark WA called Denmark?

Denmark, WA, was named by Dr Thomas Braidwood Wilson in honour of his colleague, Alexander Denmark.

What Region is Denmark WA in?

Denmark, WA, is located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

What is the Population of Denmark WA?

According to the 2016 Census, the population of Denmark, WA, is 2,558. The entire Shire of Denmark has a population of 5,845.

Denmark is undoubtedly a traveller’s paradise. With its stunning natural attractions, unique experiences, and vibrant community, it promises an unforgettable adventure. We hope this guide to the many incredible things to do and see in Denmark, Western Australia, inspires you to embark on a remarkable journey and visit this stunning coastal town. Happy Travels!

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