A Guide to Bangkok for Any Type of Couple

Jim Thompson House Bangkok

If you’re looking for a destination with the perfect blend of bustling city life and serene beauty, Bangkok is a must-visit on your next Thailand getaway. Full of hidden gems and popular attractions, the city has plenty to offer for every type of couple. 

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Rot Fai Market
Rot Fai Market – image sourced via www.bangkok.com

For the quirky couple…

Bangkok is known for its busy markets, but there’s one that really stands out. An authentic open-air bazaar located on Srinakarin Soi 51, Rot Fai Market is where you’ll find vast collections of vintage knick-knacks and memorabilia. There’s everything from vintage leather jackets to 1960s action figures here and don’t be surprised if you see a pristine 1950s Cadillac parked next to a stall selling French chandeliers. 

Make your way here between sunset and midnight Thursday to Sunday for street food, pop-up bars and seemingly endless rows of stalls peddling nostalgic treasures. 

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Red Sky Bar Bangkok
Incredible views from Red Sky

For the drink connoisseurs… 

If sipping on a few cocktails while watching the city lights come to life is more your style, visit the Red Sky restaurant and bar. Sitting 55 storeys above central Bangkok on the rooftop of the Centara Grand Hotel, the bar is the place to go for spectacular city views and a great drinks list.

Bearing a similar name, lebua’s Sky Bar is definitely worth a visit. Sitting pretty at approximately 250 metres above ground, the bar is where The Wolfpack began their evening in The Hangover Part II. Fans of the film will love the signature Hangovertini (created for the cast while filming), while classic cocktail connoisseurs will be impressed by Sky Bar’s twist on traditional concoctions. 

Old Grand Palac Bangkok
Old Grand Palace; photo: Greg Knapp

For the culture seekers…

A must-see for all visitors is the Grand Palace of Bangkok. Adorned with golden roofs and colourful structures, the historical site is like no other. As Thailand’s most sacred site, a strict dress code does apply. Women must be modestly dressed without bare shoulders and must wear long pants and sleeved shirts. 

Another temple for the itinerary is the riverside Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. Sitting on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River, it’s a majestic sight best viewed at sunset (despite its name). Representing Mount Meru (the centre of the world in Buddhist cosmology), Wat Arun features a 79-metre tower decorated with ceramic tiles and fragments of multicoloured porcelain. 

Bang Krachaos Park
Bang Krachaos Park

For the nature lovers…

If you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle for a while, Bang Krachao is a hidden gem you need to discover. Known as ‘the lungs of Bangkok’, the 40-hectare park is nestled amongst Bangkok’s skyscrapers and is a paradise filled with lakes, trees and plenty of trails for bike rides and long, romantic walks. 

Equally enchanting, the Jim Thompson House is also a tranquil spot. Home of James H.W. Thompson (an American entrepreneur and founder of the Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company), the site is now open to visitors and features six picture-perfect traditional Thai-style houses surrounded by dense jungle. 

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Theta State Float Centre Bangkok
Theta State Float Center

For the wellness-focused couple… 

Even though there is only a few hours’ time difference between Australia and Thailand, use jet lag as an excuse to treat yourself, (and your partner), to an indulgent spa session at Theta State Float Centre, located in the city’s centre. 

What makes this spa unique is its many gravity-free floatation chambers and rooms that are filled with a detoxifying and therapeutic saltwater mixture – an experience that makes you feel like an astronaut floating in space.

Bangkok's famous floating markets
Bangkok’s famous floating markets

Need-to-know details

Bangkok is a city known for its many shopping opportunities, so be sure to take plenty of baht, the national currency of Thailand. It’s also important to be up to date with your routine immunisations and be wary of mosquitos and where you eat. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new and use tuk tuks to get out and about – they’re affordable, practical and a fun, cultural experience you’ll never forget. 

Smart Traveller currently advises travellers to be cautious and pay attention to their personal security at all times. 

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