8 Reasons Why France Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Honeyoon In Paris

While there are probably 8,000 reasons for honeymoons to take place in France rather than just eight, there are some justifications that simply earn their place at the top of the list.

Here are just a few of France’s romantic features that make honeymooning in this European nation a dream. Check out these reasons and say ‘au revoir’ to to your hometown and ‘bonjour’ to France.

1) Everything Paris

Couple hugging Paris

An obvious choice for honeymoons as the romantic capital of the world, Paris offers sumptuous experiences for couples. Visit the Eiffel Tower, walk down the Champs-Elysees, visit the Louvre and walk along the banks of the Seine, hand-in-hand. You’ll never run out of loved-up things to do here.

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2) Gourmet dining

France is renowned for its cuisine and for good reason. Share a crusty baguette, nibble on an authentic pain au chocolat and savour a slice of creamy, full-bodied cheese. Head out on a picnic in one of the many beautiful gardens in any city – the Jardin Public in Bordeaux is highly recommended – and delight in these delectable flavours.

3) World-class wine

The scenic Champagne region is well worth a visit
The scenic Champagne region is well worth a visit

Complement your French fare with a drop to match. The most famous French wine regions include Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Languedoc, Loire, Provence, Rhone and the South-West of France, so head to one of these locations for a beautiful wine-tasting experience. Saint Emilion, in the Bordeaux region, is particularly impressive.

4) Beautiful beaches

France has no shortage of spectacular beaches and charming seaside towns. Head to Provence and stumble upon sandy shores such of that of Nice and St Tropez. The rich and the famous are frequent visitors to these sun-soaked Riviera towns, so go ahead and indulge in the luxury yourself.

5) The Loire Valley

If you want to hide away from the world in a beautiful setting, then the Loire Valley is for you. This region is famous for its lush scenery and fairy tale-esque ‘chateaux’ (castles). You can even stay in one of these majestic buildings, giving yourselves the royal treatment on your honeymoon. Or, spend your days visiting and wandering the halls of these magnificent structures, taking boat trips down placid rivers and enjoying even more wine. 

6) Explore medieval villages

 Itterswiller medieval village, in Alsace region
 Itterswiller medieval village, in Alsace region

France is dotted with a plethora of hillside towns and fortified villages – relics from the medieval age. While some operate in this day and age primarily for tourists, many are still home to everyday French people. Head to towns like Abbaye de Senanque, Gorde and Village des Bories and explore cobbled lanes, fields of flowers and beautiful churches and bell towers.

7) Visit Mont St Michel

This island cuts a mysterious figure in the middle of bay, once accessible only by land at low tide until the sea swallowed up the path to it at high tide. Now, a causeway links the island to the mainland at all times, but its mystique has endured.  Monks began to occupy the island in 966 and beautiful structures like the monastery buildings were built. Today, you can explore the island and its beautiful buildings, now also with shops, restaurants and accommodation, perfect for a romantic excursion surrounded by the sea.

8) Escape to the mountains

Head to the mountains in winter and snuggle up in front of a roaring fire. The French Alps are ideal for this purpose – ski in the daytime and enjoy your private chalet and spa come nightfall for the ultimate honeymoon experience.

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