Scenic Santorini: Why Couples Love This Greek Island

From the panoramic views of its iconic vistas to the charming streets of Positano, Santorini is the ultimate romantic getaway. Savour every moment with your loved one and discover the magic of one of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations.

Breath-taking. Stunning. Heaven on earth.You will need every cliche in your vocabulary when you set eyes on the awe- inspiring vista from the soaring red cliffs of Santorini. From the heights of the breezy cliff-tops, you will be taken aback by the glorious 180 degree views of the majestic caldera (created by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history) and the mesmerising blue sea. It will feel surreal, like for a moment, the world has stopped turning.

And after you catch your breath, you will try and take photos from every possible angle to capture its beauty, but you’ll fail. And that is Santorini – a destination so unbelievably beautiful that you can only enjoy it ‘in the moment’.

A quintessential Santorini moment is savouring a glass of wine and a selection of delicious meze on the balcony of a cliff-hugging restaurant suspended in the air.The picturesque white cubist architecture intermingles with blue domes in a cluster that appear to cascade down into the sea below.

Take in the romance by walking through the bougainvillea-strewn lanes of Fira, and let yourself get lost in narrow walkways and abruptly ending side streets. Here, you might discover that one-off piece of jewellery that you can take home and forever remember Santorini.

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Known around the world for its dramatic cliffs and glittering azure waters, Santorini is the perfect destination for your dream island honeymoon. Its ethereal beaches were created as a result of the volcanic activity and are each unique, with either black, red or white sand.There are even hot springs in a swimming cove lined with red volcanic clay, where you can create a mineral rich body wrap straight from the source. One way to get here? Dive off a tour boat into the Mediterranean and swim 20 metres, going from cool sea to hot spring water within minutes.

Go back in time with a visit to the ancient site of Minoan civilisation or explore the traditional charming town of Oia. Here you will also find award-winning local wineries and art galleries to entice the senses.

And when all is said and done, return to your luxury hotel in Imerovigli (the most dramatic views can be seen here) and bask in the infinity pool that seems to go right off the edge of the cliff. And breathe in the moment.

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Don’t miss: Akrotiri – With the first habitation dating back to at least the 4th millenium B.C., this is one the Aegean Sea’s most important city’s before earthquakes and a volcanic disruption destroyed it. Perhaps the most significant archeological site in the Cyclades, Akrotiri should be on your must-see list.

Where to stay

Splurge: Adronis Exclusive – Situated in the quiet town of Oia, this multi-villa property is one of the island’s most luxurious options for couples seeking a glamorous escape in beautiful Santorini. The suites come with their own private jacuzzis, exclusive amenities and private balconies. And, with no children under 13 years old allowed, loved-up couples can indulge in the serenity.

Affordable luxury: Affordable is relative in beautiful Santorini, and if it is a honeymoon or romantic getaway, you don’t want to be too frugal. A well price and fabulously located option is Esperas Traditional Houses.

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