Brisbane’s 11 Best Beaches for Fun in the Sun

Southbank Precinct 35 - streets beach

Queensland’s beautiful capital city, Brisbane, is famous for its warm and welcoming climate, peaceful surroundings, and access to abundant sun-drenched beaches. As someone born and raised in Brisbane, one of the best things about living here is the easy access to a wide range of breathtaking beaches.

To help you plan an effortless day trip, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to Brisbane’s best beaches. Whether you’re searching for great surf spots or picturesque gems to enjoy a relaxing day out close by or are willing to venture further afield, we’ve got you covered with our selection of the finest beaches in Brisbane.

‍Streets Beach: An Urban Oasis

Southbank Precinct - Streets Beach

Nestled in the heart of Brisbane City, Streets Beach offers an unparalleled urban beach experience. This man-made beach in South Bank is a unique attraction where city life and beach relaxation coalesce.

Streets Beach boasts a sparkling blue lagoon surrounded by soft white sands and lush sub-tropical plants. The beach’s safe, patrolled waters make it an excellent family choice. In addition, it features adjacent aquatic spaces, such as the Boat Pool and Aquativity, an interactive water-play park for children. South Bank is also home to a fabulous array of restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars, so all needs are catered to.

Being the closest beach to Brisbane CBD, Streets Beach provides a refreshing respite without having to leave the city. This urban oasis is free to use and patrolled by qualified lifeguards all year round, ensuring a safe and enjoyable beach experience for all.

Suttons Beach: A Great Place to Unwind

Palm trees on the south end of Suttons Beach, Redcliffe, Brisbane, Australia

Suttons Beach is a beautiful strip of patrolled sand located in Redcliffe, just 36 kilometres from the CBD. It is one of the best swimming beaches on the peninsula, with gentle waves ideal for non-confident swimmers. The beach connects Woody Point via the Gayundah wreck or Redcliffe town centre via Settlement Cove. 

The grassy foreshore of Suttons Beach is primarily treeless, except for a shady park strip with a playground at its northern end. The beach offers excellent amenities, including a massive playground, accessible BBQ facilities, and a picnic area, which make it a perfect spot for a family outing. 

Suttons Beach is a great place to relax and unwind. You can enjoy a leisurely paddle or float in the gentle waves, read a good book under one of the many trees on the beach, or take a scenic walk to Woody Point or Redcliffe town centre. With its convenient location and family-friendly amenities, Suttons Beach is ideal for a relaxing beach day trip.

Raby Bay Foreshore Park: A Hidden Gem

Sailing On Raby Bay

Tucked away in Cleveland, Raby Bay Foreshore Park is a tranquil beach escape just a short drive from the CBD.

One of the critical attractions of Raby Bay is its dog-friendliness. Dogs are welcome to run and play in the shallow waters, making this beach a favourite among pet owners.

Raby Bay provides a peaceful setting for a beach day out. With its golden sands and serene waters, it promises a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Shorncliffe Beach: A Scenic Delight

Brisbane_North Brisbane_Shorncliffe_Beach and man_2023_Landscape

Situated just 25 minutes from Brisbane CBD, Shorncliffe Beach is a picturesque seaside village with a calm, safe stretch of beach.

Shorncliffe Beach is well-known for its mesmerising sunrises and provides a variety of activities, such as stand-up paddleboarding. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking leisure and adventure.

Shorncliffe Beach is also family-friendly, boasting various play areas for children. Its safe waters and clean sands make it an excellent choice for families with young kids.

Cylinder Beach: An Island Retreat

Australia, North Stradbroke Island

Located on Stradbroke Island, Cylinder Beach is a stunning beach destination that warrants a ferry ride.

Cylinder Beach is known for its calm, slightly protected waters, making it a favourite among beach-goers. It’s an ideal location for indulging in a blissful day of sun-soaking and swimming.

Cylinder Beach provides the quintessential island vibes with its beach umbrellas and cool drinks. It offers not just a beach experience but a complete island getaway.

Coochiemudlo Island: A Private Island Experience

Sunny day on Coochiemudlo Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Coochiemudlo Island is in the Redlands Shire, providing an exceptional island beach experience near the city. The Amity Trader passenger ferry runs daily to a scheduled run from Victoria Point.

Coochiemudlo Island, or Coochie as it’s fondly called by locals, boasts shallow and protected waters, making it safe for swimmers of all ages and a fabulous spot for a picnic.

Coochie’s small size offers a unique charm. With the city just visible in the distance, a trip to Coochie feels like a private island vacation, offering a slice of paradise close to Brisbane.

Wellington Point: A Walk to Remember

Redlands Coast_Wellington Point_Family picnicking

Located in Cleveland, Wellington Point offers a unique beach experience with an island accessible by foot at low tide via a sand bridge.

A stroll along Wellington Point offers stunning views of the water, and if you’re after a pleasant seaside lunch, there’s an incredible array of restaurants and cafes in the nearby village. 

Tangalooma Beach: A Tropical Paradise

Moreton Island_Tangalooma_Landscape_2021 (12)

On Moreton Island, Tangalooma Beach is a tropical paradise worth the 75-minute boat trip from Brisbane. Lonely Planet crowned it the ‘World’s Best Beach to See Nature’ in early 2024, securing its spot among the top 100 beaches worldwide. Trust us, it’s worth the trip over!

Tangalooma Beach boasts calm, crystal-clear aqua waters and squeaky white sand, offering a perfect setting for a beach day out.

Tangalooma Beach also provides facilities for various water sports, such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkelling, making it a hotspot for adventure enthusiasts.

Scarborough Beach: A Redcliffe Favourite

Scarborough Beach in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Scarborough Beach is situated in Redcliffe and is known for its calm shallow waters, which are particularly enjoyable at low tide. The beach has previously won the Queensland’s Friendliest Beach title and is a prized location in the Moreton Bay Region.

The foreshore parkland and shared paths offer the bonus of being located on the Bay, which means the water is safe for swimming. It’s ideal for kayaking (with kayak hire available) and sailing, and it’s also one of the best fishing spots in Redcliffe, with great opportunities to catch fish along the purpose-built groin. 

Bongaree Beach: A White Sand Retreat

Moreton Bay Region_Bongaree Jetty_Kayaks and yachts

Bongaree Beach is a beautiful white-sand beach situated an hour’s drive north of Brisbane. It offers a stunning bay view and overlooks the picturesque Pumicestone Passage. With its cool breezes and gentle waters, Bongaree Beach is a popular destination for both locals and visitors of Bribie Island. 

The beach is located south of the Bribie Island Bridge and is surrounded by parklands that run parallel to the water along Welsby Parade. The beachfront is vegetated with a strip of white sand along the water’s edge.

Lower Moora Park: A Cliff-Side Beach

Situated next to the stunning Shorncliffe Pier, Lower Moora Park features a small, calm beach perfect for a relaxing swim. Lower Moora Park offers a unique experience close to the city with its fantastic cliff views and sandy shores.

Colmslie Beach Reserve: Lovely for a Picnic

Situated along the sandy banks of the Brisbane River, Colmslie Beach Reserve is an ideal destination for those seeking a beach experience near the city, providing the perfect setting for a laid-back day out. The reserve boasts a magnificent playground, a sandy beach, and a dedicated dog park. Although swimming in the water might not be advisable, Colmslie Beach Reserve offers a serene beach ambience that’s perfect characterised by its sandy shores and picturesque views.

Each beach offers a unique experience, making Brisbane a perfect destination for beach lovers. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly spot, a dog-friendly beach, or a surf-friendly locale, you’ll find it in Brisbane. So, pack your beach bag, slather on some sunscreen, and get ready to discover the best beaches Brisbane has to offer.

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