Las Vegas For Couples – What to Do & See

Aerial view of Las Vegas at night

It’s the only city in the world that’s been purpose built for fun – adult fun that is! Rising like a neon mirage out of the arid desert sands (seen from space it’s the brightest area on earth), Las Vegas might have started out as a one-horse town with a single casino, but it’s now a stylish and exciting destination that’s loads of fun with a capital F! 

Where else could you see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Trevi Fountain and Venice all in one day? Where else could you sleep all day and party all night without feeling guilty? Vegas is party town central and it has the restaurants, casinos, extravagant shows and night clubs to make magic happen every night.

Vegas Aerial view

The world’s love affair with the city began in the 1950s when the media dubbed Vegas as the coolest city on earth, and all because after finishing their nightly show, Frank Sinatra and the other members of the famous Rat Pack would prowl the Strip gambling, drinking, fighting and womanising till dawn, giving reporters fantastic fodder for the news gristmill with their ‘boyish’ shenanigans. These guys made the city swing and brought sophistication to a stretch of road that, until then, had been denigrated as a destination suitable only for hard-core gamblers and gangsters.

Frank Sinatra is well remembered in this town but he’s not the only famous crooner who has made his mark on this city. Of course I’m talking about the KING, Elvis Presley who will forever be remembered thanks to the many Elvis wedding celebrants and impersonators who call Vegas home.

The following is a couple’s guide to the best of Vegas – it’s a great starting point as any when planning your own romantic vacation in ‘Adult’s Disneyland’.

Shop ’til You Drop

Ventian Canal

You don’t go to Vegas to shop but to be truly dazzled by the ultimate in retail finery, walk through Wynn Hotel where Cartier, Loius Vuitton, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Manolo Blahnik amongst other notable brand names make up a shopping avenue of the world’s most prized possessions… but leave your credit card back at the hotel! Another ‘don’t miss’ is the Forum Shopping Centre at Caesars if only for the over-the-top Roman ambience which is simply amazing and includes musical emperors and senators. Enjoy la Dolce Vita with restaurants and some very good shopping all under an ever- changing Tuscan sky!

Wynn Vegas
Wynn’s sunlit exterior, photo by Robert Miller

Sway to the Music of the Bellagio Fountain Show

Bellagio fountains vegas

The Bellagio Fountain Show is a true masterpiece, a symphony of water, light, and music that captivates audiences throughout the day. Consistently featured among the most photographed spots in the US, and wth over two decades of nightly performances, they’ve become an iconic symbol.

Spanning nearly 9 acres, the fountains boast more than 1,200 sprayers and shooters, reaching heights of 460 feet, almost matching the Bellagio tower, dancing to a playlist of 35 shows, including classics like “Con Te Partiro” and tunes from Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Recent additions include tracks by Tiesto, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Cher. Time your stroll along the Strip to coincide with one of the magical performances.

Explore the Arts District’s Lively Nightlife

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the Strip, the Arts District offers a more intimate and authentic nightlife scene. Wander through the eclectic bars, speakeasies, and live music venues, where you can soak up the local vibe and create unforgettable memories with your partner.

Soar High Above the City on the High Roller

Vegas at night with roller coaster

For a breathtaking view of the glittering Las Vegas skyline, hop aboard the High Roller, the largest observation wheel in the world, towering higher than both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. Enjoy a leisurely revolution 550 feet above The Strip. Before boarding, you can even stop at the bar or opt for the open-bar experience, and you’ll be raising a toast with your partner as you soak in the stunning panorama. And for those of you who have been thinking about popping the question, they even arrange engagements, weddings, and vow renewals—a quintessential romantic experience in Vegas!

Enjoy a Speakeasy-Style Cocktail at the Mob Museum

Immerse yourself in the city’s notorious past at the Mob Museum, where you can learn about the rise and fall of organised crime in Las Vegas. But don’t just stop at the exhibits—venture down to the basement speakeasy and sip on expertly crafted cocktails, immersing yourself in the glamour and intrigue of the Prohibition era.

Discover the Street Art of the Arts District

Venture off the beaten path and explore the vibrant Arts District, where the walls come alive with beautiful murals and street art. Stroll hand-in-hand, discovering hidden gems and capturing the perfect Instagram-worthy moments against the colourful backdrops.

EAT ~ Las Vegas

Experience the wonders of modern-day Las Vegas cuisine, where cocktail glasses clink and gourmet steaks’ aromas take centre stage, outweighing the once-prevalent buffets and burger joints. Gone are the days of cheap shrimp cocktails, replaced by diverse dining options, from sophisticated food halls to extravagant seafood experiences and restaurants by culinary world luminaries, celebrity chefs and master sommeliers producing an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Here’s a few culinary highlights.

Wing Lei ~ Five Star Chinese

In a city that has more fine dining options than any city outside Paris, it’s hard to name just a few shining stars but Wing Lei at Wynn Casino, the first Michelin-starred Asian restaurant in North America is one fantastic experience that you will remember for a very long time.

Critically Acclaimed French Dining

Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace has received widespread critical acclaim including Newsweek International calling it “the best restaurant in Las Vegas, and one of the finest anywhere.” Designed to emulate the famous Paris restaurant of the same name, the menu includes many classic Guy Savoy dishes and for a lighter taste try the Bites and Bubbles menu in the Bubble Bar where you can sample the flavours with “small plates” in a more casual setting.

Savour a Michelin-Starred Meal at Nobu

If you’re looking for an extraordinary dining experience that you’ll never forget, then head to Nobu at Caesars Palace. The restaurant offers an incredible selection of innovative Japanese cuisine that will take your taste buds on a memorable gastronomic journey, complemented by impeccable service. What sets Nobu apart is that it is the only restaurant in the United States that has Teppan tables. You can book an exclusive experience to enjoy the Teppanyaki dining, which follows the Edomae-style of eating sushi, one piece at a time. 

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Whisk your partner away to the City of Love with a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, perched atop the Paris Las Vegas hotel overlooking the Bellagio Fountains. Savour exquisite French-inspired cuisine while taking in the stunning views of the glittering Strip below, creating an unforgettable evening of romantic dining bliss.

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It goes without saying that you HAVE to visit the Grand Canyon when you honeymoon or vacation in Las Vegas with your partner, but there’s plenty of other incredible outdoor experiences waiting to be discovered! Here’s a few must-dos for couples who want to see more than just the glitz of the strip.

Explore the Otherworldly Landscapes of Red Rock Canyon

Escape the chaotic neon-lit atmosphere of the Las Vegas Strip and take a short drive to the peaceful and beautiful Red Rock Canyon. You can hike through the rugged terrain while holding hands, and marvel at the towering red sandstone cliffs and the diverse desert flora and fauna. This natural wonder is a perfect place to take a break from the bustling city and enjoy the refreshing serenity of the outdoors.

Witness the Stunning Vistas of Seven Magic Mountains

Just a short drive from the city, the striking art installation of Seven Magic Mountains is the perfect juxtaposition of the natural and the man-made. Witness the towering, neon-hued limestone towers against the backdrop of the desert landscape, and capture the perfect Instagram-worthy moment together.

Explore the Wonders of the Mojave Desert

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the city, the Mojave Desert is only around 70 miles from Vegas and offers a wealth of natural wonders to discover. Venture out on a guided hike, explore ancient geological formations, and immerse yourselves in the serene beauty of this vast and captivating landscape.

See Boulder City

Nearby and only 35 kilometres from Vegas is the clean, green oasis of Boulder City, a charming, quaint, old-fashioned town of only 15,000 residents with an interesting Hoover Dam Museum. 


The spring and autumn seasons are generally considered ideal. Summer can be really hot with temperatures reaching 35 ̊C, winter is mild at around 15 ̊C but it has been known to snow!

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