South Pacific Island Getaways: Vanuatu

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Pristine coastlines and loads of luxury accommodation – what’s not to love about the South Pacific? But there’s more to this tropical paradise than sun loungers and shellfish. Fall in love with the culture and traditions of Vanuatu for a romantic island getaway.

Related article: 5 of the Best South Pacific Islands for a Romantic GetawayFrom the people of the Pacific who introduced bungee jumping to the world (using tree roots), it’s little wonder visitors to Vanuatu are flying high. The ancient land-diving ritual on Pentecost Island, which sees men and boys as young as seven jump from a 20 to 30 metre-high man-made tower with only a vine attached to their legs, still exists, but there are easier ways for travellers to experience Vanuatu from above.

The Jungle Zipline soars through the treetops and over canyons

The Jungle Zipline in Port Vila takes adventure seekers soaring through a canopy at a height of about four stories, through the Mele Bay and the Port Vila Harbour. This 200-metre-long trip soars above an 80-metre-high canyon, on six ziplines, over two suspension bridges and above a stunning waterfall. Not enough adrenalin for you? There’s now a Big Zip Trek, which starts on the ground but traverses back and forth over ravines. This zipline is 1.3km long and involves some trekking. Still don’t have the jitters? Why not take the Heli-Zipline Combo Tour? On this trip you take a 15-minute fast-paced flight up and down the canyon, with stunning views over the city, coastline and plantations, before becoming rigged up for your zipline adventure.

Stand on the edge of an active volcano on the island of Tanna

For adventure with some serious spark, head over to the island of Tanna to Mount Yasur, regarded as the world’s most accessible active volcano. Amid the stark moonscape, the brave and curious can scramble up the crater rim and be rewarded by a magnificent fireworks display, best viewed at night. Air Taxi Vanuatu even offers scenic flights over the volcano. There’s also a number of 4WD tours across the ash plains to the foot of the volcano and then it’s just a 10-minute hike to the rim to experience the rumble deep within the mountain and witness an explosive crash of lava.

Port Vila

Back in Port Vila, a really cool adventure is a high-speed water tour with Zego Sports Craft Adventures. These sea safaris take in the most beautiful beaches and coves, allowing travellers to spot sea turtles and dugongs. And don’t leave Vanuatu before you check out its Wet ‘n’ Wild Adventure Park, home to zorbing in huge plastic balls down grassy hills, human sling-shots, water slides and hang gliding. With so much adventure, it’s almost enough to make jumping from a height with a vine attached to your leg appear tame. For more information on Vanuatuvisit the Vanuatu Tourism Office website here.

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