Samoa; A destination perfect for a South Pacific island getaway

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amoa offers absolutely everything a romantic holiday needs. When it comes to luxury resorts and island and beach holiday ideas, Samoa is definitely at top of the list.

But just what exactly does it offer loved-up couples in search of the perfect dreamy locale?

An idyllic experience in Samoa …

Samoa is more than just sun and sand – although there is plenty of that on offer.

One of the most notable features of Samoa is its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, slow cadence of life and relaxed attitude. Once you arrive upon its shores, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything to worry about.

Fa’a Samoa, or ‘the Samoan way’ is the distinctly unique – and absolutely refreshing – way of life in this country, dating back around 3,000 years. It puts a focus on family life, community, love and respect for each other and the environment. What better destination for a romantic getaway focused on a shared love.

Plunge into clear ocean waters, where you’ll immediately make friends with the marine life, as bright-hued tropical fish swim right up alongside you.

There’s plenty to do on land, too. Take a hike through rainforest and stumble upon magical waterfalls, climb impressive volcanoes and walk along vast stretches of untouched beach.

Adventurous couples can also get their fill of exhilarating activities. Head out on the water in a jet ski, try your hand at surfing or go diving and see the ocean and its creatures in a whole new light. You might find yourself coming face-to-face with giant sea turtles and unique kinds of fish.

How about renting some bikes and cycling around the island, too? This is a fun way to get outdoors, do something unique and make memories together. Smile, wave and say hi to locals walking past, or even stop for a chat. The people you’ll bump into are incredibly welcoming and keen to share their culture with you and learn about yours.

When it comes to your accommodation, you won’t be disappointed either. Stay at the Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Beach Resort and Spa for a truly special experience.

This resort is found on the island of Savaii, sheltered among gorgeous gardens and lush palm trees. Not only is this a great place to stay, but it’s a fantastic place to dine, too, so prepare for juicy and delectable tropical fruits and exciting local dishes.

It’s a perfect resort for loved up partners, as it’s full of luxe rooms and facilities. Gaze out your window at surrounding islands, lagoon waters and the verdant green golf course. You’ll also notice touches of the local culture with architecture inspired by local dwellings, such as high-beam ceilings and wood carvings.

You’ll also be able to fully indulge yourself at this location. Head to the resort’s Manaia Polynesian Spa to experience absolute bliss and release all the knots, tension and stress of everyday life. Ancient Samoan and Polynesian spa traditions have been in development for centuries, nurturing the body, mind and soul, so why not experience this together as a couple? Herbal steam baths, massages, cucumber wraps and facial treatments are just some of the many relaxing and rejuvenating experiences on offer here.

Couples can even experience the ultimate in romance, sipping on champagne in a Jacuzzi, surrounded by romantic candles and sweet-smelling flowers. It’s not often in life that you can truly relax like this, so why not go all out? After all, this is the kind of experience that will never be forgotten.

So as you can see, Samoa is a destination perfect for a romantic South Pacific island getaway. To find out more be sure to browse our Samoa directory or talk to our friends at Samoa Tourism.

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