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Ziplining in Thailand

In Must Do - Thailand by The H4C Team

Ziplining is an activity that gives an adrenaline rush; and it seems Thailand has made a name for itself as the zip-lining capital of Asia.

While the island of Koh Samui might be better known for beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, if you need an adventure fix while in paradise – you’re in luck. One of Koh Samui’s leading zipline businesses, Canopy Adventures Thailand, has a network of 21 platforms interlocked with over two-kilometres of cable situated high above the foliage. Further north in Chiang Mai there are several ziplining businesses, but Flight of the Gibbon is possibly one of the most famous. Phuket also offers several options including Patong Zipline Adventure, which is highly rated on TripAdvisor. You don’t need prior experience to enjoy the ride as skilled professionals will teach you about ziplining and the proper safety precautions. Oh, and don’t forget your video camera because you’ll want to relive the experience over and over!