A stunning sunset at Kuta Beach

Watch the sun rise and set

In Must Do - Bali by The H4C Team

Bali may be beautiful all-day long but its sunrises and sunsets are a definite must-see. For an unforgettable Bali holiday, start your day off with a predawn trek to the active volcano Mt. Batur. You’ll have to wake up at 2am to be picked up in time by your local trek group but as soon as you reach the summit you’ll know it was well worth the effort.  

Bali and sunsets are just meant to go together. With so many picturesque locations to choose from it’s hard to pinpoint the best place to witness this glorious time of day but a few veteran photographers have some recommendations. Kelan Beach just outside Bali International Airport is a picture-perfect spot, but for something a little bit different hire a canoe off Amed or head to the rocks at Yeh Leh beach.