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Watch: Adorable turtles in Koh Samui

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Here’s our iso-motivation sorted for the day — 200 green turtle hatchlings beelining it to the ocean on Banyan Tree Samui’s secluded beach! So tiny. So focused. So downright adorable!  Emerging under the protective gaze of the resort’s resident marine biologist, Thepsuda Loyjiw, you can watch their extreme cuteness here.

Green Turtle Hatchlings at Banyan Tree Samui

More green turtle hatchlings recently surfaced and made their way to sea!The second nest – discovered on 24 February – produced 57 hatchlings and the third nest – discovered on 8 March – produced 53 hatchlings.An additional two nests remain on our private beach and we anticipate these nests to hatch in the coming week or two!Stay tuned for updates!Video courtesy of our associate: @Muenpromsan Kittipong

Posted by Banyan Tree Samui on Tuesday, 28 April 2020

“It was heartwarming to watch the baby turtles being born, and then scurrying to the sea,” says Loyjiw, who has been part of the team keeping watch over several nests for the last two months. “Ever since the mother turtle laid her eggs on our beach, we have been protecting them from predators such as birds and monitor lizards,” she adds.

While it’s extremely rare for a giant green sea turtle to lay eggs so close to a tourist area, Banyan Tree’s sands are special. Located at the southeastern tip of Koh Samui, the beach is sheltered in a cove, flanked by coral reefs, and isolated from busy neighbouring beaches.

Baby turtles in Koh Samui
Mama turtle picked a winner when she chose this secluded beach. The resort team even built a fence to protect the nests.

The tropical sanctuary has already been on our eco radar this year when they revealed their impressive path to ‘plastic free’ for 2020.