Visit 2019’s coolest country

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With Lonely Planet flagging it as the country to visit in 2019, it’s time to bump Sri Lanka up your bucket list. Like, to the top!

Fabulous food tours, incredible animal encounters, ancient temples and ruins, and gorgeous beaches make this tiny treasure south of India a must. Join the nature lovers flocking to spectacular World’s End in the highlands of Horton Plains National Park: a sheer escarpment with a drop of 870 metres accessible via a four-kilometre walk. For a more challenging trek, try nearby Adam’s Peak, a 2243 metre pinnacle reached via 5000 stairs!

Don’t worry, you can revive with a local tea from one of the sellers along the way. The footprint-shaped hollow (called Sri Pada or ‘sacred footprint’) near the top has been attributed to Buddha, Lord Shiva and Adam (after being booted out of the Garden of Eden). Worth a look, no?

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