UNESCO adds 19 new sites to its World Heritage List

In Travel News by The H4C Team

We think planet Earth is a pretty amazing place, here at H4C. Further confirming our beliefs, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has revealed 19 new World Heritage-listed sites and boy, they are truly spectacular. Tick a few (or all) of these beauties off your bucket-list!

Beopjusa Temple, Hall of Eight Pictures © CIBM

Featuring 13 cultural sites and three natural sites, the new listings include fantastic sites like ancient monasteries and unique geological formations. One stand-out, China’s Fanjingshan (feature image) is a true wonder. Located within the Wuling mountain range in the Guizhou Province, this awe-inspiring site is an island of metamorphic rock in a sea of karst that hosts incredibly rare species. We’re impressed.

Also featuring archeological sites (like Kenya’s Thimlich Ochinga settlement and Oman’s Ancient City of Qalhat), the list includes the expansion of one natural site: Central Sikhote-Ailin in Russia’s Balkin River Valley (below). 

Views of Verkhnebikinsky Preserve © V. Solkin

To find out more about the new World Heritage-listed sites, visit the UNESCO site here.